Article | March 14, 2016
The 2016 CiCi Awards - Corporate Investment & Community Impact Awards   

Trade & Industry Development recognizes the most noteworthy economic development projects announced during 2015. More>>

Article | March 11, 2016
2016 CiCi Awards Corporate Investment Category   

The 2016 CiCi Corporate Investment category will impress you with the whopping amount of money being poured into local economies. More>>

Article | March 11, 2016
High-Performance Workspaces - The New Way to Work   

Site selectors take note: the most successful organizations will look at their workplaces as not just physical locations, but strategic tools. More>>

Article | March 11, 2016
Back-Office Location Dynamics for the Financial Services Industry   

The site selection process for financial services back-office operations has many facets. Don't be daunted: it's all spelled out in this article. More>>

Article | March 11, 2016
Creating a Global Facility Management Community   

What drives the effort to build and guide an international facility management (FM) community? The answer is found here. More>>

Article | March 11, 2016
Economic Developers: the Linchpin to Fostering Local Growth   

Site selectors will find economic development organizations to be great resources for making location decisions. Here's what to expect. More>>

Article | March 10, 2016
Why Corporate Headquarters Relocate   

There's a trend of major companies relocating corporate headquarters. You need to know why and what to do in that situation. It's all here. More>>

Article | March 10, 2016
Planning Ahead   

See how in the world of real estate and corporate facilities you should plan for, or at least keep your options open for, the future. More>>

Article | January 8, 2016
Maximizing Natural Resources Boosts Regions' Economies   

Natural resources are more than ornamental. See how savvy companies are using their region’s natural resources as key economic drivers. More>>

Article | January 8, 2016
How the Bio-Pharma Industry Chooses the Best U.S. Locations   

Site selectors and economic developmic developers take note: you'll do well to heed these critical success factors for locating life science... More>>