Food & Agriculture Related Articles

Article | March 11, 2014
9th Annual CiCi Awards   

Trade & Industry Development magazine’s annual recognition of the best of the best in economic development over a one-year period. More>>

Article | January 10, 2014
“Think Outside the Bun” When Selecting Food Processing Sites   

Explore the latest trends and the most popular states for the food processing industry, and see what the industry desires most in locations. More>>

Article | January 10, 2014
Where the Climate is Ripe for Food & Ag Production Centers to Grow   

If your business is related to bringing food to the table, you'll want to get acquainted with these great locations for your business growth. More>>

Article | January 9, 2014
Grocery Manufacturers Association Tackles Tough Food Industry Issues   

Businesses in the consumer packaged goods industry and related fields will want to see why GMA is a good source of information and guidance. More>>

Article | January 8, 2014
Kansas: Vibrant Business Environment in Kansas Helps Companies Flourish   

Seeking an ideal place to run a business? Check out Kansas, the Sunflower State, where a vibrant business environment prevails. More>>

Article | January 8, 2014
Wisconsin: Industry, Academia and Government Collaboration Fuel R+D in Wisconsin   

Think Wisconsin's economy is only about manufacturing and agricultural prowess? Learn where else its boasts national and global leadership. More>>

Article | September 16, 2013
Florida – The Perfect Climate for Business   

It's time to explore Florida for more than travel and tourism; It's open for business – especially in trade and manufacturing across industries. More>>

Clean Industry Initiatives: Communities and Companies Enjoy Many Benefits
Article | July 20, 2013
Clean Industry Initiatives: Communities and Companies Enjoy Many Benefits   

Communities and businesses around the country are focusing on ways to conserve energy and other resources. Here are some notables. More>>

Arkansas:  An Ideal Place for Manufacturing
Article | May 20, 2013
Arkansas: An Ideal Place for Manufacturing   

See for yourself how Arkansas’s central location, favorable business climate and skilled workforce combine to make it ideal for manufacturers. More>>

Community Impact Awards
Article | March 11, 2013
Community Impact Awards   

The 15 companies whose 2012 announced development projects will make a significant difference in their chosen location. More>>