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Article | March 14, 2016
The 2016 CiCi Awards - Corporate Investment & Community Impact Awards   

Trade & Industry Development recognizes the most noteworthy economic development projects announced during 2015. More>>

Article | March 11, 2016
2016 CiCi Awards Corporate Investment Category   

The 2016 CiCi Corporate Investment category will impress you with the whopping amount of money being poured into local economies. More>>

Article | March 11, 2016
Creating a Global Facility Management Community   

What drives the effort to build and guide an international facility management (FM) community? The answer is found here. More>>

Article | March 11, 2016
Economic Developers: the Linchpin to Fostering Local Growth   

Site selectors will find economic development organizations to be great resources for making location decisions. Here's what to expect. More>>

Article | January 7, 2016
West Virginia Climate Grows Big Opportunities for Business   

Take a look at how West Virginia has made a big impression on some of the giants of industry, including Procter & Gamble, Amazon and Toyota. More>>

Article | December 29, 2015
Ohio: A Transformed Business Climate with Sustainable New Jobs   

Learn what has happened over the past five years in Ohio that has transformed its business climate, helping many businesses succeed there. More>>

Article | November 12, 2015
Three Key Supply Chain Trends for Manufacturers   

Here's your chance to get in the groove and see why the third-party logistics industry is a $700 billion industry worldwide. More>>

Article | November 12, 2015
Mind the Gap!   

"Mind the gap" is a well-known warning phrase in the U.K. Learn from a seasoned professional how it is applicable to today's U.S. logistics... More>>

Article | November 12, 2015
How Benchmarking Data Helps Improve Warehouse & Distribution Productivity   

There's a lot to learn here for you from WERC's annual benchmarking study of key warehousing and distribution performance metrics. More>>

Article | November 12, 2015
Ports Try to Stay Ahead of Shifting Trade Lanes   

Get on board with U.S. ports; they're working to attract new business by improving facilities & ensuring a smooth flow of goods. More>>