East-North Central Development News

Development News | March 1, 2009
Gilchrist & Soames to Expand HQ; Create 40 New Jobs   

Luxury hotel toiletries company Gilchrist & Soames announced today plans to expand its global headquarters and manufacturing operations, creating... More>>

Development News | February 25, 2009
PDS Biotechnology Corp. to Relocate HQ & Lab   

PDS Biotechnology Corporation, a developer of disease-destroying nanotechnology, announced today it will relocate its Cincinnati headquarters and... More>>

Development News | February 22, 2009
SPG Graphics to Expand Operations; Create 30 New Jobs; Invest $7M   

Commercial printer and digital graphics company SPG Graphics announced plans to expand its printing and production operations here, creating more... More>>

Development News | February 18, 2009
Iwis Drive Systems LLC to Expand Headquarters & Double Workforce; Invest $1.5M   

Chain system manufacturer Iwis Drive Systems LLC announced it will expand its North American headquarters and manufacturing operation here, more than... More>>

Development News | February 15, 2009
Natl Composite Center & Manufacturing-Works Form Alliance   

The National Composite Center (NCC) and Manufacturing-Works based in Laramie, Wyoming, have formed an alliance to promote economic growth.  The two... More>>

Development News | February 15, 2009
Kylin Therapeutics Plans Technology Development   

Kylin Therapeutics announced its plans to further develop a Purdue University technology that could allow physicians to target drug delivery for... More>>

Development News | February 8, 2009
Spring Dynamics, Inc. Picks Site for New Mfg. Facility   

Spring Dynamics, Inc., an Almont, Michigan-based manufacturer of custom precision springs for the automotive industry, announced that it has selected... More>>

Development News | February 4, 2009
University of Dayton Receives $5M Gift from NCR   

NCR is relinquishing all participation rights in the commercial development of the largely unused 50-acre parcel UD purchased from the global... More>>

Development News | February 4, 2009
AIT Laboratories Plans New Pharmaceutical Division; Create 130 New Jobs; Invest $9M   

Healthcare and forensic analysis firm AIT Laboratories announced the company's plans to establish a new pharmaceutical division here, creating more... More>>

Development News | February 1, 2009
AREAVA and Northrup Grumman Shipbuilding to Partner in Joint Venture; Create 540 New Jobs; Invest #363.4M   

Governor Timothy M. Kaine announced that AREVA and Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding, a sector of Northrop Grumman Corporation, will invest $363.4... More>>