South Carolina

Development News | May 5, 2017
SC: Moore's Food Resources to Invest $15M in Greenville County, Hire 182   

Provider of all-natural foods locating its new 131,200-sq-ft baking facility in Piedmont, SC. More>>

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Article | May 5, 2017
2017 Community Impact Awards   

It’s hard to capture the immeasurable impact businesses can have on a community, yet the CiCi Awards Community Impact category does just that. More>>

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Article | May 5, 2017
2017 Corporate Investment Awards   

What does corporate investment look like? For our 15 CiCi Awards Corporate Investment recipients, it means investing more than $11B. More>>

Agency | May 4, 2017
Richland County Economic Development   


Development News | April 28, 2017
SC: Caristrap International Locating HQ in Greenville County, Hiring 100   

Manufacturer of industrial strapping systems locating new corporate HQ in Greenville County, SC, bringing $5.5M of new capital investment. More>>

Development News | April 25, 2017
SC: NCGS, Inc. to Invest $10M to Expand in Charleston County, Add 80 Jobs   

Clinical research organization supporting the pharmaceutical industry constructing a new corporate HQ in Charleston County, SC. More>>

Development News | April 13, 2017
SC: Stren-Flex Locating New Operations in Greenville County, Add 25 Jobs   

Manufacturer of high-quality synthetic lifting products bringing more than $1M capital investment to Greenville, SC. More>>

Development News | April 11, 2017
SC: Shimano to Expand with New Building in Charleston County, Create 30+ Jobs   

Multinational mfgr of products for the bicycle and sports fishing industries added a 22,000-sq-ft office building to its existing operations. More>>

Development News | March 30, 2017
SC: Rail Car Mfgr Geismar to Invest $2.9M for New Ops in Beaufort County, Hire 50   

Geismar will be constructing specialty rail cars and new railway maintenance equipment. More>>

Development News | March 27, 2017
SC: GE Healthcare to Invest $40M, Add 100 Jobs to Expanded Florence County Ops   

Provider of medical & information tech, medical diagnostics, patient monitoring systems, drug discovery, biopharmaceutical mfg tech expanding. More>>