Development News | June 7, 2017
VA: Ferguson to Invest $82.8M, Expand, Create 434 Jobs in Newport News   

Largest U.S. plumbing wholesaler to expand HQ in Newport News, VA, retain 1,000+ jobs, create 434 jobs, add campus at City Center for IT. More>>

Development News | June 1, 2017
VA: Eastman Chemical Co. to Invest $11.7M in Henry County, Add 15 Jobs   

Advanced materials & specialty additives co. to add a new equipment line within its Performance Films business, providing additional capacity. More>>

Development News | May 30, 2017
VA: Granules India to Invest $35M, Expand, Add 102 Jobs in Fairfax County   

Vertically integrated pharmaceutical co. to invest $35M into its wholly owned U.S. subsidiary, expand pharmaceutical R&D & mfg operation. More>>

Development News | May 19, 2017
VA: Concept Plus to Expand in Fairfax County, Add 31 Jobs   

IT service provider to invest $140,000 to expand & create a shared lab for application developers in Fairfax County, VA. More>>

Development News | May 17, 2017
VA: Windward Consulting to Expand IT HQ, Add 97 New Jobs in Fairfax County   

IT consultancy helping large organizations manage data centers & networks to invest $825,000, expand its HQ in Fairfax County, VA. More>>

Development News | May 11, 2017
U.S.: 2017 CiCi Awards Community Impact Recipients Transform Locations   

12th Annual CiCi Community Impact category celebrates projects that make communities a better place. These co.s are beacons of light. More>>

2017_CiCi_Impact Logo
Article | May 5, 2017
2017 Community Impact Awards   

It’s hard to capture the immeasurable impact businesses can have on a community, yet the CiCi Awards Community Impact category does just that. More>>

2017_CiCi_Investment Logo
Article | May 5, 2017
2017 Corporate Investment Awards   

What does corporate investment look like? For our 15 CiCi Awards Corporate Investment recipients, it means investing more than $11B. More>>

Development News | April 25, 2017
VA: Spectrum Brands to Invest $7.3M to Upgrade and Retrain Employees   

Consumer products co. to purchase equipment & upgrade production processes. Virginia Jobs Investment Program to support the retraining. More>>

Development News | April 12, 2017
VA: Bloomberg BNA to Invest $5.5M, Create 125 New Jobs in Arlington County    

Subsidiary of Bloomberg L.P., the global business, financial information and news leader, to expand in Arlington County, VA. More>>