CA: NanoTech Entertainment Opens New Silicon Valley HQ

14 Feb, 2013

NANOTECH ENTERTAINMENT  announced the completion of its expansion to Silicon Valley with the opening of a new headquarters in San Jose, CA.  NanoTech has signed a multi-year lease for the multi-use building that contains office space, R&D facilities and warehouse space. 

Jeffrey A. Foley, NanoTech CEO, stated, "With Governor Brown leading the way offering tax incentives to businesses, San Jose has once again become the prime location for expansion of the tech industry."  Foley continued, "Recent announcements from industry giants NVidia and Samsung developing nearby campuses only helps to support our decision for the move."

NanoTech will keep a presence in Las Vegas but with the expansion of the Media group, the Silicon Valley location was chosen to optimize business opportunities and partnerships.  The new facility located in North San Jose at Montague and Kruse is surrounded by some of the biggest high tech companies in the world.  Foley closed by stating "in addition to enjoying a very close location the many of our new business partners, we also are excited about tapping the resources available for new employees as we expand.  With schools like Ex'pression College for Digital Arts opening a new campus nearby, we are excited about the opportunity to hire the brightest and most talented people as we continue to grow."

About NanoTech Entertainment
Headquartered in San Jose, CA, with operations in NV and MA, NanoTech Entertainment is a technology company that focuses on all aspects of the entertainment industry.  With three business units, focusing on Gaming, Media & IPTV and Mobile Apps, the company has a unique business model.  The company has a diverse portfolio of products and technology.  NanoTech Gaming Labs operates as a virtual manufacturer, developing its technology and games, and licensing them to third parties for manufacturing and distribution in order to keep its overhead extremely low and operations efficient in the new global manufacturing economy.  NanoTech Media develops proprietary technology which it licenses to publishers for use in their products as well as creating and publishing unique content.  NanoTech Communications develops and sells proprietary apps and technology in the Mobile and Consumer space.  NanoTech is redefining the role of developers and manufacturers in the global market. More information about NanoTech Entertainment and its products can be found on the web at

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