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2006 Issues
 November/December 2006

With advances in technology, manufacturing productivity has increased with less dependence on workers.  This issue of T&ID explores the intricate balance between workers and technology, all with an eye toward the proper model for expanding your business.   In order to compete on a global stage, companies have sought to achieve optimal performance through streamlined processes and enhanced technology.  Some companies have found this through automation.  Others have found it through clustering.  As explored in our “Special Report” column, the plastics industry has benefited from the grouping of industry professionals and resources in geographical areas, thereby pooling resources, technology and workers.   The “Feature” articles cover the intricacies of business expansion for both the plastics and metals industry providing a blueprint from which to work.  Our state “Spotlights,” provided by Texas, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Michigan present numerous programs designed to enhance your...
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 September/October 2006

According to NAM, U.S. manufacturing accounts for nearly two-thirds of industrial research and development, three-fourths of U.S. exports, and supports more that 20 million high paying jobs. Yet with all this success, distinct challenges face manufacturers in the U.S, including rising production costs and foreign competition. In this issue we explore the intricate balance of growth, site selection and expansion for North American manufacturers, and the resources and options available.   The “Feature” articles provide an excellent overview of the what, where and how with regard to site selection, as well as strategies necessary for a successful site location.   Included in this issue is a report on Foreign-Trade Zones, and the benefits available for manufacturers operating in FTZs. Accompanying this article is an insert detailing the location of the functioning FTZs in the U.S.   For even more information, look to the area“Spotlights” (Tennessee, New Mexico, Arkansas and Kansas) showcasing...
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 July/August 2006

According to AEA’s recent Cyberstates report, the high tech industry in the U.S. grew by 61,000 jobs in 2005. While this growth is positive, the number falls short of the national average of employment. Within this report and our feature article focusing on the technology industry, several factors contribute to these numbers, including the continuing trend of both outsourcing and offshoring.   Within the logistics community, similar trends are occurring. The global impact on transportation, from fuel prices to demands for goods has increased the need for technology enhancements. No longer are site selection decisions made solely in the board room. More and more frequently logistics plays a vital role in the decision making. In our feature on logistics, you’ll read how “world-class distributors lead, not manage, their location selection projects.”   For even more information, don’t miss the area “Spotlights” (Maryland, Florida, California and North Carolina) showcasing initiatives designed to...

 May/June 2006

While some automotive manufacturers are planning to significantly cut back on production and workers, expansions are still occurring in North America. This issue focuses on the nature of this market, and provides you with excellent choices to locate your next facility.   The aerospace sector has seen an increase in orders over the past year. Partly due to the increased defense spending, this market has seen remarkable growth. Be sure to read our in-depth look at this industry, and what is to become of it.   Also, don’t miss our “Case Study” focusing on one of T&ID’s inaugural CiCi Award winners: SeverCorr. The decision of this plant to locate in Columbus, MS added to the ever growing presence of the Southern Automotive Industrial Corridor, and will be the first steel mill to be built in the United States in over a decade.   And, our state “Spotlights” (Pennsylvania, Alabama, Georgia and Ohio) have put forth their initiatives designed to entice your next site location decision.

 March/April 2006

Welcome to our first annual Corporate Investment & Community Impact (CiCi) Awards. This unique, unparalleled awards program recognizes corporate locations and investments with a focus on both the company investing in a community and the economic developers responsible for securing that investment.   When we set out with the objective of honoring achievements in economic development, a few things became abundantly clear. For one, we realized that the companies investing in these communities deserved some recognition. After all, it is their investment that makes the difference. We also began to understand that so many of these projects go unrecognized. Oftentimes the largest investments steal the headlines, while the smaller, yet very important announcements fall under the radar. These deals may not be the largest in terms of sheer numbers or investment. They are, however, great in the eyes of the community or region – perhaps saving or replacing hundreds of jobs in a community, or launching a new industry...

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