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November/December 2011 November/December 2011

Going forward, supply chain risk management will be increasingly studied and variables will be more carefully weighted in risk/reward equations. As Rich Thompson of Jones Lang LaSalle notes in his excellent article upon the subject, multinational companies will reduce risk by setting up operations and supply chains regionally, while still serving global markets. This will be as much for business continuity as it will be for maximizing profit. Larry Gigerich of Ginovus discusses what plastics manufacturers should seek in a location to maximize efficiency. And Dennis Donovan of WDG Consulting provides in-depth knowledge about what companies in the fabricated metals industry should seek when siting new facilities. We also have industry outlooks from the International Warehouse Logistics Association and the American Association of Port Authorities, and Jennifer Alten follows up with a detailed look at how ports are affecting local economies across the country. Linda Dobel explores strategic logistical locations across North America, and Fred Burkhardt of Geneva Analytics examines the impacts from the Panama Canal expansion in his excellent Insights article.
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Trade & Industry Development - September/October 2011 September/October 2011

In this issue, we examine manufacturing from several different angles, and offer advice to executives looking to expand their facilities. Paul Hampton, of Newmark Knight Frank, offers pragmatic solutions to companies that need to add facilities but are also focused on environmental initiatives. In his article on working with utilities, Larry Gigerich, of Ginovus, provides significant insight into what indications to look for in choosing a worthy utility partner. And Harry Moser, founder of the Reshoring Initiative, provides bottom-line value in his examination of the total cost of ownership, and how it relates to sourcing components and siting facilities. Also, Jennifer Alten examines the benefits offered by Foreign Trade Zones, and Linda Dobel takes a look at some of the designated sites in North America. Douglas K. Woods, president of the Association for Manufacturing Technology, provides a clear snapshot of manufacturing in America and the developing trends. And Dennis Donovan, of WDG Consulting, charts the outlook for facility expansions throughout the rest of the year and into 2012.
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July/August 2011 July/August 2011

In this issue, we will focus intently on the renewable energy sector. Up front, we have industry outlooks from the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA). And Ed McCallum, of McCallum Sweeney Consulting, provides an in-depth look at the potential for the renewable energy industry across the country. Andy Shapiro, of BLS Strategies, offers excellent insight into the criteria for properly siting data centers. And Fred Burkhardt, of Geneva Analytics, sheds light upon the retail sector and the outlook going forward. Also, don’t miss Jennifer Alten’s examination of green technology developments taking place across the country, or Linda Dobel’s article highlighting areas that offer a significant boost to quality of life. And Leslie Rubin, in her Insights piece, makes a strong case for envisioning a brighter future.
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Trade & Industry Development - May/June 2011 May/June 2011

One of the chief problems that has plagued the business world since the beginning of the Great Recession is the ability to finance new projects and expansions. While the credit market isn't frozen, it's been moving at a pace much closer to glacial speed than the speed of light. This inability to access capital has frustrated many companies that need to grow, and has hampered the economic recovery - because before there can be a significant acceleration in job creation, facilities need to be built and equipment needs to be purchased. And before any of that can occur, more often than not capital needs to be raised. This is especially true for small business, which, as is widely known, creates two thirds of all new jobs. Therefore, in this issue we have put together a "dream team" of experts from diverse backgrounds to offer sound advice and solutions for overcoming the financial roadblock. They have the knowledge and experience to help you "work the problem" and get your projects moving forward.
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TID March/April 2011 - 2011 CiCi Awards March/April 2011

Welcome to our Sixth Annual Corporate Investment/Community Impact (CiCi) Awards! This is the issue of Trade & Industry Development that focuses on the projects and expansions across North America that made a difference. Projects that create jobs help support families, strengthen communities, shore up the real estate market and generate tax revenues in cities and counties all across the country.
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January/February 2011 January/February 2011

In this edition of Trade & Industry Development we take a look at those industries related to the biosciences. From agriculture and food processing to pharmaceuticals and life sciences, we examine the lay of the land, the latest developments and the trends going forward. Speaking of recent developments in this arena, two stand out that occurred this year, just months apart. On May 20th, scientists at the J. Craig Venter Institute (JCVI) announced that they had created the first self-replicating synthetic bacterial cell. Just over six months later, in early December, a NASA astrobiologist announced that a microbe had been discovered at Mono Lake in California that can live and grow utilizing a toxic chemical - arsenic (although this discovery is still the topic of some scientific debate). Our very definitions of life have just shifted, and opened doors to possibility that imagination has yet to fully step through. And it is worth noting that both of these discoveries took place in the United States. JCVI is a private research organization headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, and NASA, our excellent space program, has produced many breakthroughs for the world.
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