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November/December 2016 November/December 2016

Are you a busy practitioner in the metals, plastics or logistics industry? If so, you’ll rejoice over the contents of this issue. Why? It will bring you up to date on the trends and latest thinking on industry issues and site selection practices most people are just too slammed to keep up with otherwise. Not a practitioner in one of those industries? You will be equally delighted by the wealth of information this issue imparts on even more topics and business trends that are on everyone’s must-know list. From insiders’ descriptions of superb locations to consider for your next economic development project to perspectives on current logistics topics including e-commerce and distribution data usage, business professionals will find useful facts to stay on top of the game.
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September/October 2016 September/October 2016

This issue is the place to get up to date on the state of the manufacturing industry. From insider tips on how to thrive in manufacturing to savvy advice on curing the workforce shortage in manufacturing and a look at locations that have implemented solid programs to help manufacturers build a strong workforce, this issue has it all. Add to that there’s a dual focus on the utilities industry that supports manufacturers in a host of ways that are flush with facts on what manufacturers should look for in locations’ utilities offerings when making a site decision. In addition, there’s a fantastic feature on something manufacturers should be paying close attention to: Federal-Trade Zones. They can have positive effects on operating margins.
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July/August 2016 July/August 2016

There’s no excuse for not going green in your next location endeavor after reading this bountiful issue of TID. The issue features four article dedicated solely to clean industry/energy initiatives written by some of the top minds in the business—and they know about how it affects site selection. Not to be overshadowed, readers will find terrific insight into the state of the retail industry—both from the bricks and mortar perspective and the e-commerce perspective. The two articles that concentrate on that subject speak from a development point of view. The issue also will bring readers up to date on the technology industry with a keen eye toward site selection. Where are good places to locate these various types of businesses? The issue has that covered with four state Spotlight articles and a Short List article that highlights locations that boast a great quality of life for both individuals and their families and businesses.
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May/June 2016 May/June 2016

Strap on your seat belt. This issue of TID features fast-moving industries and fast-moving products. The aerospace industry is one and it is thriving. Get all the facts in our feature article. The automotive industry is not left in the dust. It, too, shows no signs of braking its speed with products to market and more and more development locations. This feature will show where the automotive industry is going. While those industries are moving forward, our feature on the reshoring industry demonstrates that businesses are doing an about-face —coming back to the U.S. with manufacturing and services, which is an incredibly good thing. The momentum doesn’t stop there. This issue is chock full of information on individual states, including two case studies and two exclusive articles highlighting states with locations that are home to light manufacturing and states that you really want to get to know more about as they are top sites in the U.S.
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March/April 2016 March/April 2016

This very special edition of Trade & Industry Development (TID) features the 2016 CiCi Awards. CiCi stands for Corporate Investment and Community Impact — the two most important aspects of economic development. If you’re hungry for information about the top economic development deals announced in 2015, as most corporate site selectors are, dig in. There’s even more in this edition of TID. Be sure to read the three Special Report columns as they impart valuable knowledge for anyone contemplating headquarters relocation or a financial services firm establishment. In addition, the corporate real estate column provides great direction for site selectors on the types of office configurations to look for that are conducive to productivity for today’s workforce. And stay in the loop with the two Outlook columns that will bring you up to date on two exceptional associations with which you will want to become closely acquainted.
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January/February 2016 January/February 2016

Ring in the New Year with a hearty helping of great information in this January-February 2016 issue of Trade & Industry Development. It caters to the industries that make and keep us healthy. We have a bounty of articles focused on the food and ag industry. There are five articles that concentrate on the food industry. One is a Feature, two are Outlook columns, another is our exclusive Short List column and last, but most certainly not least, our Insights column provides us with an industry leader’s insider knowledge of the industry. To make it even better, the Spotlight articles in this issue highlight states that lend themselves perfectly to food and ag-related business locations. Even more locations are highlighted in the Sites and Programs article, and we also learn about two industries: bio-pharma medical manufacturing and tips for finding ideal sites for these businesses.
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