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November/December 2017 November/December 2017

This issue of Trade & Industry Development has all the best and freshest information on the Logistics and Supply Chain industry, along with both the Plastics and Metalworking industries you will not find anywhere else. Top-notch industry insiders open their knowledgebases and share the most pertinent things site selectors in these fields need to know to make the right moves. You’ll also find exclusive interviews with economic development offices and business executives who have happily located in their areas for port operations, both water and land. Going the extra mile in a special section you will be introduced to some of the nation’s leaders who work at economic development agencies to aid site selectors’ searches for a perfect business location. There are plenty more surprises and facts you need to know about four great locations you may find perfect for you next business location.
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September/October 2017 September/October 2017

Site selectors for manufacturing businesses, this issue is for you. It is chock full of current information about the manufacturing industry. The information comes from some of the top names in the industry and prominent site selection consultants. From two in-the-know manufacturing associations, to exclusive interviews with economic development agencies and the manufacturing companies located within their domains to designated sites that may be of great interest to manufacturers to a Feature that has the latest information of benefit to manufacturers. In addition, the issue covers Utilities with a slant toward the utilities manufacturers need and Foreign-Trade Zones that should help manufacturers stay competitive globally. And that’s not all. There are five Spotlights on states very conducive to manufacturing business to help lighten the load for site selection information gathering.
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July/August 2017 July/August 2017

Talk about hot topic industries; this issue of Trade & Industry Development brings you three Feature articles with expert insight in the technology, retail and alternative energy industries. Not only that, but the topics are geared to be relevant to the needs of corporate site selectors. Plus, the alternative energy Feature is complemented by two articles coming directly from related associations — Solar Energy Industries Association and U.S. Green Buildings Council — that are on the frontlines every day. In addition, as every site selector knows, it is extremely helpful to easily find information on specific locations, and that’s the exact aim of the four Spotlight articles, the Sites & Programs article and the Short List article. Workforce is always a concern and the Insights article broaches the topic of robotics in the workplace. Will robotics replace the human workforce, or is that far-fetched? The opinion in this column is a must read.
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May/June 2017 May/June 2017

They say summer flies by, but not at the speed of the automotive and aerospace and defense industries’ innovations. Corporate leaders charged with making location decisions for these growing, fast-paced industry sectors don’t need to break a sweat, though, worrying that they’ll be left in the dust. One of the easiest solutions is simply absorbing the knowledge on trends and location options jam-packed into this issue. And guess where the best location options are? Right here onshore. Take a good look at the issue’s third feature article: the trend for businesses is reshoring, and you won’t be left guessing why. So dive in: not only will you discover great ideas and lots of knowledge sharing, but there a deep pool of location choices presented with concise, factual descriptions all within these pages.
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March/April 2017 March/April 2017

Site location decision-makers and economic developers look forward to this issue every year. Why? The much-anticipated 12th Annual Corporate Investment and Community Impact (CiCi) Awards are presented in this issue. Here is an exclusive opportunity to take a look at the top 15 companies in the country that announced the largest capital investment for a new location or expansion project in 2016 and the 2016 announcements of the 15 projects that promise to have the most impactful, transformational effect in communities in which they are or will be located. The issue also serves up three complementary, information-packed articles on topics that are hot, hot, hot. They are: locating a corporate headquarters, ‘adaptive reuse’ of facilities for corporate real estate and reconsidering incentives. Plus, two Outlook articles from very prominent industry associations address issues of concern to all.
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JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2017 January/February 2017

Looking to locate a life science business, but not sure which route to take? This is the best go-to source to learn where the top U.S. life sciences clusters are located, examine some positives of alternatively locating in submarkets, and tap into some ideas to attract potential Need more specifics for the medical device manufacturing sector of life sciences? There’s solid information here, from desirable states to locate to the attributes a location should have to help you succeed. Of course, you can’t just put down roots anywhere when it comes to the food industry. There’s a lot to consider and the trio of articles here have that tackled from unique perspectives, all with a common focus on site selection. Further aiding location decision-making, there are five resources that spotlight states to consider, plus a great perspective on the value of incentives for choosing a location to conduct business.
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