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November/December 2018 November/December 2018

This issue dives into a number of key areas for site selection that decision-makers today need to consider. Our feature story on supply-chain management and logistics focuses on distribution centers and the importance of addressing a critical need today: attracting and retaining good employees. American consumers would be hard-pressed to find anything they do or use today that doesn’t involve plastics. Siting a facility that deals with this ubiquitous commodity involves many critical factors, and we help executives sort through and prioritize them. When it comes to metalworking and fabricating, we’re seeing a “rise of the machines,” as revenue for companies in the machinery manufacturing sector has been steadily rising, and there is a trend toward digitization of manufacturing that includes machines to monitor production facilities and the design of manufacturing processes with robotics. The ramifications and impacts for site selectors are expertly laid out in our feature. This issue also looks at ports/inland ports, identifying a number of key shipping locations.
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September/October 2018 September/October 2018

This issue takes us through the last of the fall. Don’t miss our special features, all of which contain great information that can help you create long-term strategy. The article on factors for site selection consideration is a must-read. And when was the last time you thought about utilities in the context of siting for your facility? They’re absolutely critical – yet they might not be top-of-mind for many people. Don’t miss the insights on Foreign-Trade Zones either – it has never been more relevant. Of course, there is plenty of other excellent content. Workforce development, for example, is covered with case studies using real-life examples to show how corporations are ushering in the next generation. Throughout this issue, you will see the fine hand of our managing editor, Linda Dobel – who passed away suddenly as we were going to press. We will miss her guidance and her expertise, as well as her passion for this magazine, and we know you will as well.
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July/August 2018 July/August 2018

Want to purchase something new? This issue will enlighten you to the trends in U.S. shopping habits and how it is affecting the site selection world. Transition is the keyword, and you’ll learn the insider’s story here. Don’t miss it. If that hint of the word transition in regard to retail makes you think about technology, you’ll be delighted to know this issue has an exclusive Feature on the technology industry even beyond retail and what’s trending in site selection for that industry. And what do you need for retail and technology and every other business and homestead? Energy, of course. This issue treats you to insight into some of the most knowledgeable people who share their know-how in state-of-the-art in alternative energy and storage. Don’t forget — you will find the scoop on four states you will want to know more about as well as a peek into locations where clean energy thrives and areas that exude a great quality of life. What could be better?
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May/June 2018 May/June 2018

Get your engines running — this is an issue for everybody in the automotive, aerospace and reshoring businesses to catch up with the latest happenings in your unique business space. Top leaders in the know reveal statistics that show enormous growth that may astound you and will likely have a tremendous impact on where you decide to locate your business as well. To top it off, you’ll get to know about the offerings of a great site in four states, including their incentives and reasons you might consider them prime contender s in your site selection decision.
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March/April 2018 March/April 2018

Corporate investment and development are going strong and making a huge impact on some very fortunate communities across the U.S. In this issue, Trade & Industry Development heralds 30 companies that in 2017 announced plans for corporate development that truly stand out from the vast number of development announcements made that year. Read their stories in the CiCi (Corporate Investment Community Impact) Awards coverage starting on page 28. You won’t be able to resist admiring these companies and being inspired to contact economic development agencies to get your company started on the road to your own corporate development glory. To ensure you’re fully knowledgeable to begin your journey to a new site or make the best expansion choices, first do your homework and read all three information-packed Special Report articles you’ll find in this issue.
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January/February 2018 January/February 2018

The first issue of the year 2018! As always with a new year, everybody is all about health, nutrition and overall wellbeing. And guess what? So is this issue. The issue is brimming with fresh, new information about the food and agriculture industry as well as bio/pharma and medical manufacturing to help companies locate in great areas and keep us all healthy and on top of our games. The Feature medical manufacturing article provides a great heads-up on locations that are dominated by companies in the industry. The food and ag Feature dives in-depth about the new industry trends and how to accommodate the workface in the face of that. And the bio/pharma Feature introduces a modern concept for the industry and what is needed for its workforce. In addition, the issue is chockful of location advice for corporate site selectors and locations to put on short lists for these particular industries.
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