Plastics Articles

Article | August 31, 2009
Stimulating the Industrial Sector with Public Funding   

Our U.S. economy depends on the flow of money to keep its engines running. Stop the flow and the engine chokes. To restart the engine requires... More>>

Article | June 30, 2009
Evaluating the Potential of a Green Building Project   

Sustainable development, green building, LEED certification….these phrases are becoming a common part of the discussion as companies plan for new... More>>

Article | June 30, 2009
R&D Support of Industry and Economic Development   

In December of 1899, then President William McKinley noted in his State of the Union address that: "Our future progress and prosperity depend upon... More>>

Article | April 30, 2009
The Status of the Automotive Industry   

The global automotive industry is facing a crisis unlike anything ever seen. Overall annual sales in the United States, based on numbers reported for... More>>

Article | December 31, 2008
Nanotechnology Commercialization   

Nanotechnology doesn’t make the industries you promote. Nanotechnology makes the industries you promote more competitive.   This idea may seem... More>>

Article | December 31, 2008
Innovation and Technology Advancing Arizona's Economy   

In today's fast-paced, global-knowledge economy,a state must differentiate itself and cultivate and sustain specialized areas of expertise where it... More>>

Article | October 31, 2008
Doing Business in Virginia in the Global Logistics, Metals and Plastics Industries   

For more than four centuries, Virginia has built a legacy on the spirit of enterprise. A strong, educated workforce, an excellent quality of life, a... More>>

Article | October 31, 2008
North Carolina – A “State of Minds”   

North Carolina has undergone a major economic transformation in the past decade – one that is being studied and copied by states across the nation.... More>>

Article | October 31, 2008

As one of Fortune magazine’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies, RTI International Metals counts aerospace giants Boeing and Airbus among its... More>>

Article | October 31, 2008
Amid a Dim National Economy Texas Remains in the Spotlight   

The saying “everything is bigger in Texas” is no exaggeration when it comes to the state’s red hot economy. While the national economy is... More>>