Retail Development News

Development News | February 8, 2009
Gordon Food Service to Build Distribution Center; Create 100 New Jobs   

Pennsylvania's commitment to investing in business for the creation of jobs and an improved quality of life has helped to bring a leading food... More>>

Development News | February 8, 2009
IMPCO Technologies, Inc. to Launch U.S. Automotive Alternative Fuel Division   

U.S. subsidiary, IMPCO Technologies, to manufacture EPA-certified North American bi-fuel injection systems – – Cleaner burning technology... More>>

Development News | February 1, 2009
AREAVA and Northrup Grumman Shipbuilding to Partner in Joint Venture; Create 540 New Jobs; Invest #363.4M   

Governor Timothy M. Kaine announced that AREVA and Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding, a sector of Northrop Grumman Corporation, will invest $363.4... More>>

Development News | January 28, 2009
Shoals Technologies Group Reshuffles to Accommodate Rapid Growth   

An unexpected increase in product demand has led the management team of Shoals Technologies Group of Gallatin, Tennessee, to reshuffle its expansion... More>>

Development News | January 28, 2009
Pattonair USA to Open Warehouse & Distribution Facility; Create 25 New Jobs   

Governor Martin O’Malley joined with Allegany County officials to announce that Pattonair USA plans to open an 80,000-square-foot warehouse and... More>>

Development News | January 25, 2009
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Plans Major Expansion; Create 300 New Jobs   

An empty 334,000-square-foot building and an eager workforce explain only in part why Vermont-based Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc. chose the... More>>

Development News | January 21, 2009
Pennsylvania Continuing to Support Job-Creating Economic Development Projects   

From a large, mixed-use development project in suburban Philadelphia to a family owned bed-and-breakfast in Elk County, Pennsylvania is continuing to... More>>

Development News | January 21, 2009
Phase 2 Begins on Airport Distribution Center   

While some areas of the commercial real estate market locally have slowed or ground to a halt, one niche appears unfazed by the recession:... More>>

Development News | January 18, 2009
Merchants Distributors Inc. Plans Expansion; Create 200 New Jobs; Invest $50M   

Gov. Mike Easley announced that Merchants Distributors Inc., a Hickory-based wholesale food distribution company, will expand its distribution center... More>>

Development News | January 18, 2009
Granholm Announces Over 4,000 New Jobs Planned for Michigan   

Governor Jennifer M. Granholm announced that the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) is helping seven companies grow in Michigan and is... More>>