Alternative Energy & Fuels Development News

Development News | January 6, 2010
IN: White Construction to Expand Operations; Create 70 New Jobs   

White Construction, Inc., a Vermillion County-based contractor for renewable energy projects throughout North America, announced that it will expand... More>>

Development News | January 3, 2010
SC: Fujifilm Announces Relocation of Camera Recycling Operation; Create 30 New Jobs   

The South Carolina Department of Commerce and Greenwood County announced that Fujifilm will move its recycling operation for its QuickSnap cameras... More>>

Development News | December 20, 2009
KEMET to Expand Greenville County Operations and Create 113 New Jobs   

Gov. Mark Sanford, the South Carolina Department of Commerce and the Greenville Area Development Corporation announced that KEMET will expand its... More>>

Development News | December 16, 2009
Mitsubishi announces Intention to Locate Wind Manufacturing Plant   

Mitsubishi Power Systems Americas, Inc., (MPSA), a United States (Delaware) corporation,  announced its intention to build a wind turbine... More>>

Development News | December 6, 2009
Mitsubishi Announces Intention to Locate Wind Mfg. Plant; Create 400 New Jobs; Invest $100M   

Mitsubishi Power Systems Americas, Inc., (MPSA), a United States (Delaware) corporation, announced its intention to build a wind turbine... More>>

Development News | November 29, 2009
World's Largest Windfarm Completed   

German power company E.ON Climate and Renewables (EC&R) has completed what it claims to be the world's largest wind farm near Roscoe, Texas. The... More>>

Development News | November 25, 2009
Hybrid Kinetic Motors Plans $1.5B Car Plant in Baldwin County; Create 6,000 New Jobs   

Hybrid Kinetic Motors plans a $1.5 billion car plant, employing nearly 6,000 workers, in Baldwin County within three to five years, company and state... More>>

Development News | November 22, 2009
Superior Essex to Expand Manufacturing Operation; Create 15 New Jobs; Invest $1.3M   

Superior Essex, a manufacturer of magnet wire and cable for a variety of industries, announced today that it will expand its manufacturing operations... More>>

Development News | November 8, 2009
Waste2Energy Holdings Announces Relocation to Greenville; Create 25 New Jobs   

The Greenville Area Development Corporation, South Carolina Department of Commerce and Waste2Energy Holdings, Inc. have announced the relocation of... More>>

Development News | October 28, 2009
Wiregrass Power, LLC to Create 25 New Jobs; Invest $110M   

Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue announced today that Wiregrass Power, LLC plans to locate a 40-megawatt renewable energy power plant in Valdosta. The... More>>


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