TID Contributors

Author | November 12, 2013
Shane Arrington   

Shane Arrington is the marketing director for the Lawrence Economic Development Corporation and freelance writer based out of South Point, Ohio. More>>

Author | September 18, 2013
Governor Rick Scott   

Rick Scott is the 45th Governor of the great State of Florida. More>>

Author | September 18, 2013
Paul Krutko   

Paul Krutko is President and CEO of Ann Arbor SPARK in Michigan where he leads the organization's efforts to expand the regional economy. More>>

Author | September 17, 2013
Paul G. Kuchuris, Jr.   

Paul G. Kuchuris, Jr. is president of Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME). More>>

Author | September 16, 2013
Dr. Paul Smokler   

Dr. Paul Smokler is the AECOM Environment North America Power Sector lead. More>>

Author | September 16, 2013
John Schuetz   

John Schuetz, principal at The RSH Group, brings over 30 years of negotiating, economic development and marketing expertise to the firm. More>>

Author | July 19, 2013
Heather Kreiger   

Heather M. Kreiger is director of research at ROCK Commercial Real Estate, LLC. More>>

Author | July 17, 2013
Brent Christensen   

Executive Director, Mississippi Development Authority (MDA) More>>

Author | July 17, 2013
Governor Jay Inslee   

Jay Inslee was elected the 23rd governor of Washington State in November 2012. More>>

Author | July 17, 2013
Timothy R. Comerford   

Tim Comerford is a senior vice president at Biggins Lacy Shapiro & Co. and a principal at Sugarloaf Associates. More>>



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