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Author | August 12, 2010
Pat Quinn   

Pat Quinn is the 41st Governor of the State of Illinois. He has served the people of Illinois for more than a quarter of a century - both as a... More>>

Author | August 12, 2010
Governor Chris Gregoire   

As Washington’s 22nd Governor, Chris Gregoire continues delivering real results to Washingtonians. More>>

Author | August 12, 2010
Dennis M. Mullen   

Dennis M. Mullen works to promote economic development practices that attract businesses and create jobs throughout New York State and to advance... More>>

Author | August 12, 2010
Governor Jeremiah W. (Jay) Nixon   

Missourians overwhelmingly elected Jeremiah W. (Jay) Nixon their 55th Governor in 2008, to lead the state in a new direction. More>>

Author | August 12, 2010
Didi Caldwell   

Didi Caldwell, based in Greenville, South Carolina, is a senior principal and partner of Global Location Strategies. More>>

Author | August 12, 2010
Jennifer M. Granholm   

Jennifer M. Granholm was re-elected the 47th governor of Michigan in November 2006. More>>

Author | August 12, 2010
Marco A. Lopez, Jr.   

Marco A. López, Jr. is director of the Arizona Department of Commerce. More>>

Author | August 12, 2010
Patrick O. Gottschalk   

Patrick O. Gottschalk was appointed secretary of Commerce and Trade for the Commonwealth of Virginia in January 2006 by Governor Timothy M. Kaine. More>>

Author | August 12, 2010
John Adams   

John Adams is president/CEO of Enterprise Florida Inc. A public-private partnership leading Florida’s economic development, EFI aims to diversify... More>>

Author | August 12, 2010
Donald E. Jakeway   

Donald E. Jakeway is president and CEO of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. More>>



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