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Author | June 13, 2019
Don Gilpin   

Don Gilpin joined the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) as interim Chief Operating Officer in February 2018, and officially took... More>>

Author | June 13, 2019
Tracye McDaniel   

Tracye McDaniel is Chair of the International Economic Development Council (IEDC). Throughout her 30-year career, she has advised and supported five... More>>

Author | March 23, 2019
Governor Brad Little   

Brad Little became Idaho’s 33rd Governor on Jan. 7, 2019. He previously served in the Idaho Senate and as Idaho’s 37th Lieutenant Governor. Brad... More>>

Author | March 22, 2019
Ted Townsend   

Ted Townsend, the Chairman of the Board for Life Science Tennessee, serves the University of Memphis as Chief Economic Development and Government... More>>

Author | March 22, 2019
Pat Walsh   

Pat Walsh has been with the Food Marketing Institute for 20 years and is the Chief Business Development Officer and Vice President of Supply Chain at... More>>

Author | January 31, 2019
Scott Neale   

Scott Neale is a Client Advisor with Ginovus, an economic development advisory services firm that assists clients with site selection and incentives... More>>

Author | January 31, 2019
Peter Francesconi   

Peter Francesconi has been in publishing for more than 25 years, working with newspapers, a wire service and magazines. He is the managing editor of... More>>

Author | January 31, 2019
Mark R. Hogan   

Mark R. Hogan was appointed secretary and CEO of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation in September 2015. Prior to that, he worked for... More>>

Author | January 31, 2019
Rob Dixon   

Rob Dixon has spearheaded several major initiatives in his time as director of the Missouri Department of Economic Development, including Best in... More>>

Author | November 27, 2018
Christopher Chung   

Christopher Chung is chief executive officer of the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina (EDPNC), which performs key economic... More>>