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Oregon International Port of Coos Bay

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Margaret Barber

Director of External Affairs

125 Central Ave
Suite 300
Coos Bay, Oregon 97420
Phone : 541-267-7678
Toll-Free : N/A
Fax : 541-269-1475
Email : portcoos@portofcoosbay.com
Website : www.portofcoosbay.com


Other information

The Oregon International Port of Coos Bay is the ideal place for maritime development. We are the largest coastal deep-draft port between San Francisco and the Puget Sound and at just 15 miles in length, transit time to open ocean is just 1-2 hours. The Port is connected to a comprehensive multi-modal network including maritime, rail, air and highway with one of the safest ocean bar crossings in the state. The geographic location of the Port is optimal for shipping to and from Asia and other international markets, with ocean transit times one day closer than Southern California. In addition, the Port plans to deepen and widen the channel in the next five years from 37’ deep and 300’ wide to 45’ deep and 450’ wide. Increasing access to our channel will ensure you stay competitive in the global marketplace. The Port of Coos Bay offers access to the National Rail Network through the Coos Bay Rail Line connecting with two class one railroads in Eugene, Oregon. Congestion at major West Coast Ports can cripple the movement of freight. Freight moved through Port of Coos Bay does not encounter the congestion and cost challenges of other ports. The Port has the capacity to grow but is not locked into legacy technologies allowing us to be nimble and responsive. With an array of Port owned facilities, and developable land, the Port of Coos Bay can meet the needs of a wide variety of business development projects. We have property within both Foreign-Trade and enterprise zones. The Port works in concert with skilled maritime workforce including tug pilots, stevedores and longshoremen. Our competent and friendly staff specialize in transportation logistics and economic development. As we continue to grow, preserving and enhancing our natural assets through environmental stewardship will remain a priority for the port. With access to water, land, air and rail, the Port of Coos Bay is your gateway to the world. We are Oregon’s Seaport.