NY: Spotify to Relocate U.S. HQ to World Trade Center, Create 1,000 Jobs

February 20, 2017

Digital music service to move its U.S. HQ to 4 World Trade Center, hiring 1,000+ and retaining 832 jobs in a major expansion. more >>

FL: Chewy to Invest $31M, Hire 600 for New e-Commerce Fulfillment Center

February 20, 2017

Online retailer of pet food and products to build a new fulfillment center in Ocala, Marion County, FL. more >>

VA: Owens & Minor to Establish New Site, Create 300 New Jobs in Richmond

February 20, 2017

Healthcare services/logistics co. making a multi-million-dollar investment to establish a new Client Engagement Center in downtown Richmond, VA. more >>

SD: Equity Trust Relocating to Renovated Equity Square in Sioux Falls

February 20, 2017

Retirement plan firm invested $1+M to renovate its new 13,000-sq-ft office located in the former DM&E building in Sioux Falls, SD. more >>

January 2017 Manufacturing ISM® Report On Business®

February 16, 2017

Economic activity in mfg expanded in Jan. & overall economy grew for 92nd consecutive month, according to Manufacturing ISM® Report On Business®. more >>

Plastics Industry Association: Plastics Industry Adds Jobs, Outpaces Mfg as a Whole

February 16, 2017

U.S. plastics industry remains third-largest manufacturing sector overall, accounts for $418.4B in shipments & 954,000 workers in 2015. more >>

Near-Record Growth Propels Wind Power to 1st Place U.S. Largest Renewable Resource

February 16, 2017

American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) report: U.S. wind power has 2nd-strongest quarter ever for newly installed energy-generating capacity. more >>

AISI Publishes Three New Cold-Formed Steel Framing Research Reports

February 16, 2017

American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) has published three new cold-formed steel framing research reports available free. more >>


Five Ways E-commerce Has Changed Facility Planning

December 7, 2016

Tips to navigate the impact and changes E-commerce has brought to choosing and designing fulfillment and distribution facilities. more >>

Warehousing Best Practices

Aligning Warehouse Performance to Company Strategy

December 7, 2016

Ever wonder if your warehousing facility’s (or facilities’) performance is aligned to your corporate strategy? Here's what some companies learned. more >>


Using Economic Data and Trends to Predict Trade Swings

December 7, 2016

Here's some real insight. AAPA helps shed light for site selectors on what data to pay attention to when making decisions for the future. more >>


Strategies for Today’s U.S. Plastics Industry Site Selection

December 6, 2016

Location strategy is critical in the plastics industry as the industry experiences changing trends. Here's what you need to know to thrive. more >>

12 Mistakes to Avoid in Site Selection

February 16, 2017

Study of a few critical mistakes site selectors can make that undermine analysis, lead to risk, higher cost, unfavorable operating conditions. more >>

WeiserMazars 2016 Food & Beverage Industry Study

January 10, 2017

Report defines industry trends, builds knowledge base of food & beverage challenges, opportunities & best practices to stay ahead of competition. more >>

U.S. Organic Hotspots and their Benefit to Local Economies

January 10, 2017

A systematic assessment of the impact of organic agriculture on local economies that identifies 225 counties in the U.S. as organic hotspots. more >>

How & Why the IOT is Transforming Manufacturing

July 18, 2016

The Internet of Things (IoT) is starting to fundamentally change the way some big companies operate and this is especially true for manufacturing. more >>

Available Properties

blank Property | June 10, 2016
EMC Aerospace Park   

Total Qualified Acres: 211.6 Total Available Acreage: 788. Owned and operated by the Jackson Municipal Airport Authority. Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers... More>>

blank Property | April 5, 2016
Dodge City Industrial Park   

The Dodge City Industrial Park site is flat, with no flood history. No major earthwork would be required for drainage or pre-construction leveling.... More>>

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