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Industry News | April 13, 2018
Reshoring plus FDI Add 171,000 U.S. Jobs in 2017, Up 2,800% Since 2010   

Combined reshoring & FDI jobs up 122% compared to unrevised 2016 totals per The Reshoring Initiative data from its current report. More>>

Industry News | April 9, 2018
MEMA Responds to EPA’s Final Determination on GHG Emissions Standards   

While Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Assn. (MEMA) supports adjustments & flexibilities, it doesn't support significant changes to the EPA standards. More>>

Industry News | April 9, 2018
Auto Alliance Response to EPA’s Review of Fuel Economy/GHG Program   

Alliance of Automotive Manufacturers (Auto Alliance) says maintaining a single national program critical to ensuring cars remain affordable. More>>

Industry News | April 9, 2018
Steel Industry Applauds EPA Reconsideration of Auto Emissions Standards   

Thomas J. Gibson, president & CEO of AISI, issued a statement in response to EPA announcement to revisit fed greenhouse gas standards. More>>

Industry News | April 9, 2018
AASA’s Work Group Envision Marketplace-Based Solution to Ensure Vehicle Data Access   

Charley Johnson & Tim Corcoran discuss challenges in accessing vehicle data & Vehicle Data Work Group’s vision of a neutral marketplace solution. More>>

Industry News | March 5, 2018
AWEA Statement on Proposed Steel Tariffs    

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) CEO Tom Kiernan said proposed steel tariffs harmful to wind industry’s rapid growth. More>>

Industry News | March 5, 2018
Statement by Canada on Steel and Aluminum   

“It is entirely inappropriate to view any trade with Canada as a national security threat to the U.S.," said Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs. More>>

Industry News | March 5, 2018
John Bozzella of Global Automakers on Proposed Steel, Aluminum Tariffs on Behalf of Here for America    

“The Administration’s decision to impose substantial steel and aluminum tariffs will harm the U.S. auto industry," said Global Automakers head. More>>

Industry News | March 5, 2018
AIADA Shares Auto Dealers’ Concerns on Brewing Trade Conflict with EU   

AIADA shared dealers’ concerns over recent statements made by President Trump regarding a brewing trade conflict with the European Union. More>>

Industry News | March 5, 2018
Automakers Concerned About Proposed U.S. Steel & Aluminum Tariffs, Urge Administration to Reconsider   

The Association of Global Automakers has serious concerns with the Administration’s proposed restrictions on trade in aluminum and steel. More>>