Development News | July 18, 2017
OH: Emerson to Launch $100M Renovation Project in Sidney   

Leader in heating & cooling industry plans major renovation & expansion of the labs & offices at its existing one-million-sq-ft facility. More>>

Development News | July 13, 2017
OH: Franklin International to Construct $4.4M Facility in Columbus   

Manufacturer of adhesives & sealants to construct 12,500-sq-ft R&D facility at its corporate HQ, add climate chambers & new research equipment. More>>

Development News | July 11, 2017
OH: UnitedHealth Creating 700 Jobs in Central Ohio   

The 165,000-sq-ft facility in Dublin, OH, undergoing renovations and will re-open in Sept. with capacity to house up to 1,000 employees. More>>

Article | June 28, 2017
U.S. Auto Industry Disruptions Driving Job Growth   

Great insight into the reason industry leaders are saying the automotive industry is embarking on a new age, and its implications. More>>

Development News | June 23, 2017
OH: Computer Hardware Co., King Memory, to Expand in Columbus, Add 40 Jobs   

Tech co. that develops ERP e-commerce platform & propriety algorithmic mgmt system of tech commodities expanding ops in Columbus, Ohio. More>>

Development News | June 19, 2017
OH: 50 Strong to Mfg 5M Water Bottles in Lima Previously Produced in China   

Leader in mfg of water bottles & bike accessories joined Walmart to move production from Chinese competitor to 50 Strong's factory. More>>

Development News | May 11, 2017
U.S.: 2017 CiCi Awards Corporate Investment Recipients Create 26,000 New Jobs, $11B   

The 15 co.s in Trade & Industry Development’s 2017 CiCi Awards Corporate Investment category pledged a cumulative $11+B in investments. More>>

2017_CiCi_Investment Logo
Article | May 5, 2017
2017 Corporate Investment Awards   

What does corporate investment look like? For our 15 CiCi Awards Corporate Investment recipients, it means investing more than $11B. More>>

Development News | April 28, 2017
OH: Homeside Financial Expanding in Columbus Region, Adding 150 New Jobs   

Mortgage lender expanding operations in Columbus Region of OH, which will result in 150 new jobs and investment of $400,000. More>>

Development News | March 29, 2017
OH: HarbisonWalker Selects Location for New Monolithics Refractory Plant   

Supplier of refractory products and services selected The Point Industrial Park in South Point, Lawrence County, OH, to build manufacturing facility. More>>