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SC: iQor Creating 90 New Jobs in Dorchester County

6 Aug, 2012

iQor, a provider of intelligent customer interaction and outsourcing solutions, is currently looking to hire 90 new positions by the end of the year to work as customer care agents at their Center of Excellence on 8440 Dorchester Road in Charleston.

Company officials attribute several deciding factors for the expansion, including Dorchester County’s availability of quality workforce. Norm Merritt, President and CEO of iQor, adds, “iQor has called Dorchester County home since 2007. With the addition of 90 new positions, we look forward to continued future growth at our Dorchester Road facility.”

“News of an expansion of this size not only illustrates the success that iQor has had as a result of doing business in Dorchester County, but also represents their commitment to the area,” said Dorchester County Council Chairman Larry Hargett. “iQor’s decision to pursue investment opportunities here is attributed to our dedication to continually improving the business quality here in Dorchester County. Congratulations to iQor on their success.”

iQor specializes in providing data-driven, technology-empowered customer support and processing services in the consumer and commercial markets. It has nearly14,000 employees based in 31 Centers of Excellence in the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Mexico, the Philippines, and the United Kingdom.

“We’re pleased to announce that iQor is hiring 90 new positions at their Dorchester County facility,” said Jon Baggett, Dorchester County Economic Development Director. “This expansion is a testament to the County’s successful Existing Industries Program that assists our industries to both thrive and grow. We’re proud of iQor’s past success, and we’re excited that the company plans to continue its significant expansion right here in Dorchester County.”

iQor is seeking individuals to handle inbound and outbound customer care phone calls. Qualified applicants preferably live within 30 miles of the facility; have a high school diploma or General Education Degree (GED); customer service experience; and possess good computer, verbal, and written skills.


Interested applicants can easily apply online through the company’s web site at As you complete the online survey, select the ‘Apply Now’ option on the left, and then choose ‘Charleston’ as the location.

About Dorchester County Economic Development
Dorchester County Economic Development is the organization responsible for growing and retaining business in the County. Its mission is to work to create and support an environment that welcomes business, and helps companies to grow and succeed over the long-term. This ultimately will increase the standard of living for all of Dorchester County’s citizens by providing more job opportunities with higher skills and better wages.

About iQor
Headquartered in New York City, iQor is a global provider of intelligent customer interaction and outsourcing solutions with 14,000 employees in 31 Centers of Excellence dedicated to understanding each customer’s DNA. Using data science and real-time analytics intelligence, iQor delivers extraordinary customer experiences that enhance revenue while promoting and protecting its clients’ brands. iQor specializes in providing data-driven, technology-empowered customer support and processing services in the consumer and commercial markets. For more information, please visit