Consulting News: McCallum Sweeney Consulting's Mark M. Sweeney Provides Expert Testimony to Indiana Legislature

29 Nov, 2011

McCallum Sweeney Consulting Senior Principal Mark M. Sweeney provided expert testimony to the Indiana Legislature which held hearings to evaluate instituting Right to Work legislation in their state. At the request of the Indiana Department of Commerce, Mr. Sweeney appeared before the Indiana Legislature’s Interim Study Committee on Employment Issues and informed them on the decision process that firms conduct when seeking a new facility, and the treatment of labor issues, in particular right-to-work status, in the process. The key focus of the testimony was the impact such legislation, or lack of it, has on the state’s competitiveness for new capital investment.

The webcast of the legislative hearing can be seen through the following link. (Mr. Sweeney’s testimony begins about 1 hour 43 minutes into the video):

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