AL: Alabama Government Officials Praise Global Ecology for Creating New Jobs at Its New Soil Amendment Facility

30 Mar, 2012

Global Ecology Corporation (OTCQB: GLEC) (PINKSHEETS: GLEC) has received the warm endorsement of city, state and county officials for its investment in a new soil amendment business in Castleberry Alabama that is creating new jobs for the region.

Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, GEC Organics Corp., the company has made a substantial investment in this project and is currently producing a high grade organic soil amendment that is already available to local farmers.

Four local leaders, Castleberry Mayor J.B. Jackson, County Commissioner Leonard Millender, State Representative Harry Shiver and the Executive Director of the Costal Gateway Regional Economic Development Alliance, James Searcy, recently toured the facility and pledged their support for the operation, which is expected to create many new jobs in the area.

Mayor Jackson said, "This is a great opportunity for our community and the region as a whole. New jobs are being created for our citizens and the economy of the surrounding area has already experienced a positive impact."

The company uses chicken litter and green waste purchased from local companies as raw material for its high potency organic compost. Initial marketing of the soil amendment has begun in the Southeast. The proprietary, organic solid and liquid soil enhancements have been well received by all sectors of the agricultural community.

Commissioner Millender said, "This 70-acre facility is one of the largest of its kind in the country and we are pleased that GEC has chosen Castleberry for its home."

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