AZ: Aris Integration to Locate HQ in Tucson, Creating 600 Jobs

16 Nov, 2012

Aris Integration, LLC, in partnership with TREO, Arizona Commerce Authority, and Pima County, Arizona announces that it is establishing its corporate headquarters and a manufacturing center in the Tucson region. The pioneering building systems company plans to bring nearly 600 jobs to support its innovative, sustainable building technologies used in residential and commercial construction.

Aris will manufacture a cost-effective, panelized-wall system that integrates light-gauge-steel structural framing, ultra-lightweight foam insulation and vapor-barrier products and processes with other sustainable materials and energy-efficient design.

Aris's new production process will yield fully customizable commercial and residential structural insulated panels up to 32-feet long, 10-feet tall and up to 12-inches thick, which will be lighter and faster to install. Changes to panel dimensions, insulation value, interior/exterior coatings, stud spacing, as well as the addition of unique architectural features, such as arches and window/door designs, can be easily modified during the manufacturing process, reducing jobsite construction time and cost. The same highly engineered technology will be used in non-thermal wall panels, roof trusses and floor systems, to ensure high performance throughout the entire building.

The company is in the final stages of the decision-making process on a physical location of its new facility.  UK-based Fusion Building Systems will be a key partner in the new facility.

Aris plans to begin manufacturing operations in Tucson during fall 2013.  The company anticipates hiring nearly 600 skilled workers over the next five years, with 250 over the near term. Positions include executive management, sales & marketing, quality control, HR, and manufacturing, among others. Wage levels will be competitive with the industry.

Experienced construction industry personnel will be needed.  In addition, Aris is committed to hiring as many military veterans, reservists and National Guard members as possible.  The hiring process will be announced via

Aris chose southern Arizona for its experienced pool of construction tradesmen as well as coordinated public/private support.  The Tucson area facility will be the company's second of six planned regional manufacturing locations across the U.S. by 2017.

"We're pleased to locate our second manufacturing operation and Aris headquarters here in Arizona, where many on our team call home," said Duane Armijo, CEO and founder of Aris Integration, LLC.  "As a Southwest native, I truly believe the fuel for our nation's housing recovery will stem from the type of next-generation jobs and innovative technologies that we are bringing to our Tucson facility."

Beyond serving as a significant area employer, Aris will also be a provider of energy-efficient and sustainable building systems to cut energy and construction costs for many state and municipal projects.  In addition to manufacturing, the company will also offer design, engineering and construction services for its high performance building systems. 

"We're thrilled to welcome Aris Integration to Southern Arizona. The growth of headquarter and manufacturing facilities contributes to a healthier, stronger overall economy," said Sandra Watson, President and CEO, Arizona Commerce Authority."

Additionally, the construction of Aris Integration's cutting-edge, renewable building materials is an investment in a more sustainable future in Arizona and around the world.  We want to thank our partners Pima County and TREO for their strong, collaborative effort in ensuring Aris selected Arizona as its new headquarters location." 

"One of the hallmarks of Pima County's support of new and existing businesses is its focus on workforce development," said Sharon Bronson, vice chair, Pima County Board of Supervisors.  "Pima County opened the nation's first workforce center aimed at helping military veterans find jobs in July of this year.  The center is ready to assist Aris right away."

"Aris Integration fits very well with our region's assets as well as our vision of providing innovative products and services that contribute to important industries," said Joe Snell, president & CEO, TREO.  "I am proud of the unified approach displayed throughout this recruitment process, which included direct involvement from several members of the TREO Chairman's Circle and Board of Directors."

About Aris Integration, LLC

Aris Integration, LLC (formerly Diverse Services Group) is a leader in the design and engineering of innovative, energy-efficient building technologies and integrated processes utilized in the development of sustainable master planned communities. With manufacturing operations planned in Connecticut and its headquarters in Arizona, the company's pioneering building systems integrate structural framing, foam insulation, and total building envelope engineering products and processes that significantly reduce energy consumption and on-site build-time.  Aris's computer aided design (CAD) manufacturing operation also accommodates unique architectural features such as arches, window/door design, as well as customizable stud spacing and interior/exterior coatings.  For more information, call (800) 587-6180 or visit

About TREO

TREO offers a comprehensive approach of programs and services to facilitate the creation of high-wage jobs, through the attraction of new primary companies, the retention/expansion of existing primary companies and increased business creation/entrepreneurship strength within the region.  Since 2005, TREO has facilitated the relocation and/or expansion of over 60 companies in the Tucson region, representing over 17,000 jobs and $2.4 billion in economic impact. For more information, visit