FL: Emerson to Expand Latin America HQ in Sunrise, Adding 20 Jobs

12 Feb, 2013

Governor Rick Scott visited Emerson, a diversified global manufacturing and technology company, to announce the expansion of their Latin America headquarters, located in Sunrise.

Governor Rick Scott said, “Emerson is a great example of a global company that recognizes Florida’s strong businesses climate and significance as a gateway to Latin America. This expansion is an investment in our communities and will create more jobs, providing more Florida families with greater opportunities to live the American dream.”

“Latin America continues to be a major growth market opportunity for Emerson, and our U.S.-based executives here in Sunrise engage with our customers and our operations throughout Latin America,” said Alex Blochtein, president of Emerson Network Power, Latin America. “The cost efficiencies achieved by consolidating our regional headquarters in Sunrise have been significant, and the ability to take advantage of direct air travel, proximity to a large number of Latin America-related companies and branch offices, enhanced collaboration among our businesses, and the availability of a large multi-lingual labor force made Sunrise a logical choice for our Latin America regional headquarters.”

In July 2011, Emerson initially leased approximately 18,000 square feet of space in Lake Shore Plaza II, Broward County’s first LEED-certified multi-tenant office building, with an option for an additional 9,500 square feet. Emerson has exercised this option because it expects to staff 20 new positions, with annual wages averaging $96,000, at its Latin America headquarters this year, bringing total employment there to more than 70. The Sunrise facility colocates Emerson’s corporate and business unit personnel who oversee the company’s operations in Latin America. The company is investing $400,000 for construction and remodeling of the new leased space and for purchases of computer equipment, office furniture and other equipment.

The Latin America region remains important to Emerson’s goals, which makes its presence in Florida an asset.

Partner organizations that were instrumental to bringing this project to fruition included Enterprise Florida Inc., the City of Sunrise and the Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance CEO Council.

“We also appreciate and recognize the ongoing and strong support of Florida Governor Rick Scott, Florida Secretary of Commerce and President of Enterprise Florida Gray Swoope and his staff, City of Sunrise Mayor Michael Ryan, and Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance CEO Council Chairman Ray Ferrero, Jr., who have all made us feel welcomed and appreciated for the positive economic development that Emerson’s Latin America headquarters brings to both Florida and the greater Fort Lauderdale area,” Blochtein added.

While applauding the expansion as a business success story for Florida, Swoope zeroed in on the real goal of Enterprise Florida. “Business growth, industry diversification and more jobs for our citizens. That’s our purpose, and it’s why we work overtime to recruit new companies to Florida while helping those already here to grow and prosper,” Swoope explained. “When a company like Emerson becomes a repeat customer, it says Enterprise Florida and its partners are succeeding in making Florida an ideal place to do business.”

Emerson received approval for incentives including a Qualified Target Industry Tax Refund of $140,000, a performance-based award to a company after it meets job and other contractual requirements; and a $40,000 Direct Cash Incentive from the City of Sunrise for the hiring of Sunrise residents.

Emerson has approximately 16,000 employees and 30 manufacturing locations in Latin America. In fiscal 2012, the company posted sales of $1.4 billion in Latin America, out of $24.4 billion worldwide. Emerson’s manufacturing operations in Latin America produced more than $3 billion worth of finished products for export to North America, Asia, and Europe.