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AIA: National Aerospace Week to be Celebrated September 16-22, 2012

Sep 04, 2012

National Aerospace Week was established by the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) in 2010 as an opportunity for the aerospace and defense industry and its supporters to recognize the enormous contribution that the industry makes to America’s national security, economy and competitiveness.

Appreciating the importance of the aerospace industry and what it has done for America and our armed forces, both houses of Congress issued resolutions in 2010 establishing the third week in September annually as National Aerospace Week. Since its inception, National Aerospace Week has been a rallying call for companies and their employees, communities, aligned organizations, government and other groups to demonstrate their support for the industry by sponsoring numerous events nationally and locally during the week.

The aerospace and defense community recognizes that the industry is a backbone of the U.S. economy, supporting more than 3.5 million jobs in all 50 states and posting the largest trade surplus of any U.S. industry. However, National Aerospace Week in 2012 arrives at a time of unprecedented uncertainty – the nation is facing immense budget pressures, which is threatening to undermine programs that are critical to our national security, technological superiority and economy.

By September, less than four months will remain before $1 trillion in additional cuts required by the Budget Control Act of 2011 kick in. Leaders in Congress and the military have been sounding the alarm about the devastation that these cuts would cause to our national security and our industrial base, from a million lost jobs to a virtual shutdown of critical military modernization programs. NASA and FAA programs will also be affected by sequestration.

To underscore the importance of the industry and speak volumes at a critical time, National Aerospace Week will tie in with AIA’s multi-year budget campaign Second to None. Join AIA during National Aerospace Week, September 16-22, 2012, by sponsoring or participating in events.

If you would like to sponsor an event or want additional information on National Aerospace Week, you may also contact Don Forest, AIA COO and National Aerospace Week national coordinator, at (703) 358-1004;

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