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SEGULA Technologies Intensifies Footprint in 5 U.S. States, Launches Automation Systems

Feb 07, 2024
400 positions are currently open in Michigan, Kansas, North Carolina and California.

SEGULA Technologies, a global engineering group, announced a major strengthening of its presence in the United States to support the exponential growth of its activities in the automotive and aerospace sectors. In just one year, the Group has doubled its business volume in North America, demonstrating its commitment and success in the local market.

The SEGULA Technologies teams, located in the strategic areas near Detroit (Michigan), Wichita (Kansas), Greensboro (North Carolina), Toledo (Ohio) and Los Angeles (California), work alongside renowned industrial partners. The company says 400 positions are currently open in Michigan, Kansas, North Carolina and California.

In the automotive sector, SEGULA Technologies plays a key role in supporting major automakers and OEMs in vehicle design, particularly in the current transition to electric vehicles. Current projects include electromobility initiatives, such as the integration of battery packs into vehicles or the development of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

Xavier Chapuy, CEO of SEGULA Technologies U.S., comments: "The transition to electric vehicles represents a major technical challenge for the automotive industry. It requires a whole specific production ecosystem (cells, battery, battery pack, electric vehicle, life cycle). SEGULA is ideally positioned to support the American market in this transition, thanks to its expertise in all areas of the automotive chain. »

In the aerospace sector, SEGULA Technologies U.S. provides essential technical and human resources for aircraft manufacturing, having recently signed contracts with Bombardier, Daher, Airbus and Airbus Atlantic.

SEGULA Technologies is now deploying its Tooling Automation Systems (TAS) division in the United States to meet the growing demand for modernization of production facilities. Specializing in the design of automated production lines, this division strengthens SEGULA's process engineering offering in the United States.

Jean-Yves Beguin, Director of the TAS division, comments: "With 400 employees in Europe, we are the market leader for integrators for automakers and automotive suppliers. We decided to set up our division in the United States simply because we felt that our plant design offering matched the needs of the local market.  By expanding our activities, we hope to support American manufacturers in their industrial transformation.

SEGULA USA plans to gradually expand its customer portfolio by working with other leading automakers, new industry players and Tier 1 OEMs. The group also plans to open new offices to extend its geographical coverage.

To support this growth, the Group is currently recruiting 400 positions for engineers, technicians and skilled workers in the Detroit, Wichita, Greensboro and Dallas regions: professionals in the fields of bodywork, interiors, exteriors, cost optimization, mechanics, designers, as well as skilled workers for the aeronautical sector like aircraft maintenance technicians or assemblers.

 "Our positioning as an engineering company is special: by being present all over the world and active in several industries, we are able to build bridges between sectors and countries. As a result, we can offer high-quality, competitively-priced products and services, while enabling manufacturers in different sectors to benefit from best practices tailored to their needs. We look forward to accelerating our development in the United States, as the market is particularly conducive to such know-how transfers." - Xavier Chapuy, CEO SEGULA United States U.S.

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