Blockchain Oil & Gas Summit Coming to Houston on March 7 | Trade and Industry Development

Blockchain Oil & Gas Summit Coming to Houston on March 7

Dec 03, 2018

Oil and Gas companies have a rich history of developing and embracing innovative technologies, as well as forming collaborative partnerships to achieve a common goal. This history will prove invaluable as the industry is poised to embark on the new era of digital disruption. Blockchain technology has the capability to solve challenges in every step of the value chain from exploration to servicing the customer.

Blockchain technology can simply and securely process information that will lead to enhanced efficiency, transparency, security and drive overall value for the enterprise, that in today’s uncertain environment, characterized by increased competition and risk, can determine who gains the competitive advantage. 

Since 2014, Momentum has produced events that showcased the latest applications of blockchain technology and on March 7th is proud to offer our newest edition; The Blockchain Oil & Gas Summit.
Hear first-hand how innovative companies are embracing this technology and what roles they envision it playing in future applications. This event will bring together peers with the common goal to solve problems across the oil and gas industry and understand how this technology will reinvent, redefine and revolutionize this sector. 

Return to the office with fresh ideas and new approaches for taking your blockchain efforts from PoC to full fledged reality.

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