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AL: Infinitus Energy to Build $35M Advanced Waste Recovery Facility

24 Jul, 2013

Infinitus Energy will build a technologically advanced waste recovery facility in Montgomery as part of a $35 million project that will create 110 jobs and bring long-term environmental benefits to the area.

Representatives from Infinitus Energy joined Mayor Todd Strange, elected leaders and Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce officials in a groundbreaking ceremony for the company’s Infinitus Renewable Energy Park at Montgomery — IREP Montgomery, for short. The advanced mixed materials recovery facility (MRF) represents a $35 million capital investment, officials said.

Infinitus Energy specializes in designing, developing, financing, building and operating waste recovery facilities. Its IREP Montgomery site, located at 1551 Louisville St., will be the first to combine several of the most technologically advanced systems available for waste recovery and will eliminate up to 85 percent of waste headed to the city’s landfill. The 81,992-square-foot facility is expected to be complete by June 30.

“This is another great day for Montgomery as we welcome Infinitus Energy to our growing business community,” said Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce Chairman of the Board Horace Horn Jr. “The cooperative spirit among our elected and community leaders makes it possible for us to continue bringing new jobs and innovative businesses such as Infinitus Energy to the River Region.”

Once IREP Montgomery is operational, residents will continue to place their trash in city-issued roll-out containers that will be taken to the site by the city sanitation department. There it will be separated using the latest in screening, air and optical separation technologies. The system sorts and recovers such items as cardboard, mixed paper, metals, aluminum cans, plastics and wood based on density, size, shape and material composition. Additional sorting will be done by hand at the site.

The advanced technology allows the facility to accept a larger variety and volume of potentially recyclable products than other recycling methods.

“The beauty of this project is that residents don’t have to do anything differently. All of the separating takes place at the MRF,” said Mayor Strange. “The economic boost this brings combined with the environmental benefits make it another win-win for our community.”

Kyle Mowitz, CEO and founder of Infinitus Energy, thanked the mayor and other officials “supporting us in our vision for a viable environmental and economical system and for the residents here.”

Broward County, Fla.-based Infinitus Energy, also known as I-Energy, provides integrated waste processing solutions with economic and environmental benefits for municipalities and companies nationwide.