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CO: Envision Energy Establishes Global Blade Innovation Center

Jan 26, 2016

Envision Energy, a supplier of smart energy solutions, has announced the establishment of its Global Blade Innovation Center in Boulder, Colorado. This marks another significant investment in R&D by Envision inthe United States.

“Envision’s R&D centers are cultivating talent and facilitating collaboration with the best professionals in the world,” said Felix Zhang, Envision Energy’s Executive Director. “This new center in Boulder will focus on blade design, which will drive innovation and enhance our capabilities significantly. We believe our effort here will bring tremendous value to our clients and even the whole industry.”

Kevin Standish, a recognized leader in turbine blade design in the wind energy industry, will lead this operation. Prior to joining Envision, Kevin has held the position of Chief Engineer of Blades at Siemens Wind in the U.S.

“As all energy capture begins with the blade of the wind turbine, Envision has placed special emphasis on this area of research. Bringing blade design capability in-house will enable Envision to leverage a complete systems’ engineering approach,” said Standish. “The sustained trend in the wind industry toward increasing larger turbine rotor sizes and power ratings demands that turbine designers make simultaneous advances in aerodynamics, loads, controls, acoustics, structure, materials, and manufacturing excellence. Currently, our priority is to hire the best engineers from wind, aerospace and other high-tech industries to build up a top-notch team of engineering competence and capability here in Boulder.”

Together with the company’s Global Digital Innovation Lab in Silicon Valley and its Digital Energy Research Center in Houston, Envision Energy is attracting top talent from around the globe as it ramps up a world-class research team and continues the journey of innovation towards a sustainable future.

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