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OH: Argosy Wind Power Growing U.S. HQ, Moves to Aurora

4 Apr, 2014

Argosy Wind Power’s world headquarters has moved its Global Headquarters to a larger facility in Aurora, Ohio. The U.S. wind turbine manufacturer’s move was necessary to meet growing demands for their direct drive wind turbines by vendors in the UK, Europe, South America, North America and Asia. After just two years of producing wind turbines, their original manufacturing plant and headquarters was no longer capable of handling order volume efficiently. The new offices and wind turbine production facility is better suited to fit product demands.

Better Visibility, Manufacturing, & Distribution
The new facility is located just off of the Ohio State Route 43 highway on Aurora Industrial Parkway. This new global headquarters provides better street visibility, larger manufacturing facilities, larger loading bay docks and higher capacity cranes necessary for filling wind turbine orders given the overall weight of many wind turbine components.

Larger Space for Growing Wind Energy Demand
The new Argosy Wind Power headquarters facility is equipped with a loading dock and drive in ramp. The manufacturing facility has larger crane capacity and taller ceiling heights to accommodate larger wind turbine model assembly. As the demand for wind turbine power continues to increase in the UK, Europe, Asia & South America, Argosy Wind Power’s facilities followed suit to accommodate the needs of their wind turbine customers.

Production & Logistical Improvements
The crane system at the old manufacturing facility did not meet the current manufacturing needs to lift the heavy components necessary during the wind turbine manufacturing, assembly, and shipment processes. The new production equipment is ideal for handling high volume assembly and vastly improves logistical considerations. The Aurora, Ohio manufacturing plant increases inbound and outbound transportation of wind turbines and components, is in close proximity to major highways, and neighbors various wind turbine component suppliers used in production.

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