Auto Alliance Response to EPA’s Review of Fuel Economy/GHG Program

9 Apr, 2018

Alliance of Automotive Manufacturers (Auto Alliance) statement in response to EPA’s announcement about the Midterm Review of the Fuel Economy/GHG Program:

This was the right decision, and we support the Administration for pursuing a data-driven effort and a single national program as it works to finalize future standards. We appreciate that the Administration is working to find a way to both increase fuel economy standards and keep new vehicles affordable to more Americans.

Today’s announcement was the expected necessary step that sets in motion a future rulemaking where the government will propose a range of alternatives – sharing the data gathered to support various options — and seek public comments.

Automakers are committed to increasing fuel economy requirements and the key to achieving higher standards is selling more of the highly fuel-efficient vehicles, including 50 models of electric cars, now in dealer showrooms. Consumer research shows that the monthly payment is the top concern when car-shopping. So, to ensure ongoing fuel economy improvement, the wisest course of action is to keep new vehicles affordable so more consumers can replace an older car with a new vehicle that uses much less fuel – and offers more safety features. Automakers continue to develop safety and other innovations and we want to get these technologies – and all their benefits – on the road as soon as possible.

Maintaining a single national program is critical to ensuring that cars remain affordable. We look forward to working with key stakeholders and the State of California once EPA and NHTSA begin a rulemaking. As in the past, we will review their proposed rule through the lens of its impact on jobs and meeting our customers’ needs for affordable, safe, clean and fuel-efficient transportation.