AL: Purico Group and Bolta Werke GmbH Creating 350+ Jobs, 1st U.S. Plant | Trade and Industry Development

AL: Purico Group and Bolta Werke GmbH Creating 350+ Jobs, 1st U.S. Plant

Sep 24, 2013

Governor Robert Bentley on Monday welcomed Purico Group and Bolta Werke GmbH to Alabama as the sister companies announced they will build their first U.S. production facility in Tuscaloosa.

During a news conference, the companies said they will invest $39.5 million into the facility and create 350+ new jobs by 2016.  The Bolta Werke GmbH facility will produce high-quality parts for automotive manufacturers, primarily Mercedes-Benz U.S. International in Vance and Volkswagen in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

“Alabama has a positive business climate and the best workforce you can find,” Governor Bentley said.  “I appreciate Bolta for making this investment.  On the state and local levels, we are committed to helping Bolta succeed.  Our labor climate, our workforce development programs and our overall business environment helped us achieve this ranking.  I’m proud that Bolta is joining us, and I’m proud that even more great products will be ‘Made in Alabama.’”

The Governor’s Commerce Secretary, Greg Canfield, also praised Alabama’s strong workforce.

“The quality of our workforce is a great match with the quality of the products manufactured by Bolta,” Secretary Canfield said.  “We welcome Bolta as the newest member of the Alabama automotive family, and we look forward to a long and successful relationship between the State of Alabama and Bolta Werke GmbH.”

Dara Longgrear, executive director of the Tuscaloosa County Industrial Development Authority (TCIDA), said Tuscaloosa is the ideal location for the new Bolta facility.

“Tuscaloosa County is strategically located in the heart of one of the most productive and emerging regions in North America,” Longgrear said.  “Due to the location advantages of Tuscaloosa County, manufacturing and industrial leaders have been able to maintain successful enterprises in this area.  Furthermore, they have found a workforce and a business-minded community that supports and facilitates the success companies need in today’s economy.”

Christian Falk, CEO of Bolta Werke GmbH, said the company’s presence in the Southeastern United States is of strategic value.

“With a new production facility in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Bolta will not only be able to support Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen in close proximity, but also valued Tier 1 suppliers like Rehau,” Falk said.  “Because of the strong support from the TCIDA and the commitment from the City of Tuscaloosa, TuscaloosaCounty and the State of Alabama, Bolta feels very welcome in Tuscaloosa and is proud to have selected the right partner and location to make this expansion a success.”

Bolta Werke GmbH was founded in 1921.  The company is based in Nuremberg, Germany, and has been part of the Purico Group of the United Kingdom for nearly 30 years.  Bolta produces specially molded plastic parts and chrome-plated surfaces for premium automotive manufacturers

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