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FL: Bankers Healthcare Group Plans for New Corporate HQ in Davie

Aug 13, 2014

Bankers Healthcare Group, a leading provider of innovative financing solutions for healthcare professionals, has begun work on a new corporate headquarters located in Davie, Fla. Plans include renovating two buildings to create four floors of workstations and meeting rooms, as well as recreation facilities, a café and fitness center.

“The new corporate headquarters will create a better physical work environment for our employees,” said Eric Castro, COO and co-founder of BHG. “And we’ve planned room to accommodate our continued growth and expansion.”

The move is planned for January 2015. BHG employees will exit their current offices, located in four separate buildings that provide 6,200 square feet of workspace in Southwest Ranches, and enter the two new adjacent buildings with over 26,000 square feet in Davie. The new site is 10 minutes away from the company’s present location, within minutes of three major highways and only 10 minutes away from Hollywood International Airport.

“The new location will provide convenient, easy access for our everyday commuters and out-of-town visitors,” added Castro, “and it will make it easier to travel between here and the BHG offices in New York.”

Plans for the new corporate headquarters in Davie include a 2,500 square foot gym and an 800 square foot recreation area with showers and locker rooms. Employees will be able to utilize the services of an on-site personal trainer. Along with this focus on exercise and healthy lifestyle habits, a 2,000 square foot café will encourage nutrition education and healthy food choices.

“We are excited about the plans for our new corporate headquarters and the expansion of our employee wellness programs,” said Bob Castro, president and co-founder of BHG. “A focus on health aligns us with our clients. As our company grows, we continue to provide fast and hassle free financial services exclusively to healthcare professionals.”

BHG has 190 employees, with offices in Southwest Ranches, New York City and Syracuse, New York. Last year, the company’s financial headquarters in Syracuse moved into a new building that was also designed and constructed with sustainability, collaboration and employee wellness in mind.

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