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WA: Yahoo Doubles Size of Data Center in Quincy

Oct 07, 2015

Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO) announced that the company is expanding their data center in Quincy, Washington. Yahoo will add on approximately three hundred thousand square feet to their Quincy data center, effectively doubling the size of the facility. Yahoo’s expanded Quincy data center will house thousands of new servers to continue to provide users with the fastest, most reliable products and service possible. Yahoo will also create additional jobs at their Quincy data center as a result of this expansion.

Yahoo’s Quincy data center, a key component of the company’s data center architecture, first opened in 2007 and serves hundreds of millions of users around the world.

Yahoo’s expansion in Quincy is a reflection of the company’s commitment to the people of Quincy, Grant County, and the State of Washington. Over the years, Yahoo has developed lasting relationships with the local community, both through the jobs they have created, as well as the company’s charitable contributions and volunteer initiatives. Yahoo’s decision to expand their Quincy data center is a direct result of the unbeatable mix Quincy offers: impressive local talent, abundant renewable energy sources, and Washington State’s commitment to creating an attractive business location.

"Yahoo's decision to expand their data center in Quincy will create additional good paying technology jobs in Eastern Washington, not just Seattle," said Jim Hemberry, Mayor of the City of Quincy. "Our community fought for the tools to win the jobs created by new data centers. Yahoo’s decision proves the fight was worthwhile."

“Yahoo has been a terrific partner for the Quincy School District and we are excited about the news of their expansion within our school district boundaries,” said John Boyd, Quincy Superintendent of Schools. “Yahoo’s expansion will ensure that substantial property taxes paid by their new data center will be available to support our effort to create innovative learning opportunities for our students. The increased Yahoo presence will also allow us to continue our partnership to provide our students more opportunities to learn skills related to the data center industry.”

"Yahoo’s announced expansion is exactly what our Senate majority had in mind when we led the drive to renew tax incentives for data centers. It is timely proof of how good tax policies can help our state compete for good jobs," said Senate Majority Leader Mark Schoesler. "Washington’s economic recovery has been more evident in the greater Seattle area, so I’m especially pleased that central Washington will reap the benefits of this major new investment. This is a reminder that when government is mindful of the needs of employers, our state can be a great place to do business.”

Yahoo expects to open its expanded Quincy data center in summer 2016.

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