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MA: AllCare Plus Pharmacy Completes $5M HQ to Accommodate 500 Jobs

5 Jun, 2018

AllCare Plus Pharmacy, New England’s largest specialty pharmacy, recently completed a multi-year initiative to expand and enhance all aspects of the company, including operations, technology and personnel. The total investment of $5 million included the build-out of a new, state-of-the-art, 65,000-square-foot corporate headquarters and significant upgrades to a proprietary technology platform used across the business. Since 2014 the business has grown its team to more than 235 now; the new headquarters can accommodate future growth up to 500 employees.

“We’re proud to have built one of the strongest and most trusted specialty pharmacies in New England, working with patients, providers, payors and manufacturers across the country,” said CEO and President Daniel Apelian. “Our patients face critical health conditions; as a result, it is essential that we hire great talent and provide them with cutting-edge technology to support these patients. The investments we’ve made in the future of AllCare Plus are truly an investment in doing what’s best and right for our patients.”

AllCare Plus Pharmacy provides a full range of pharmacy services, with a focus on complex medication management. The company operates three distinct divisions: specialty pharmacy dispensing, manufacturer patient services programs, and health system specialty pharmacy support services & management. AllCare Plus holds URAC, ACHC and JCAHO accreditations.

The new facility boasts uninterrupted service, enhanced technology platforms, and the ability to grow. The new headquarters offers redundancy of voice, data and power technology, ensuring seamless operations, even in the event of an emergency. Investments in technology platform have included building an integrated CRM platform linked to an advanced patient management solution with pharmacy operations system. Additionally, the manufacturer patient services technology systems and hardware have been upgraded, and the new facility can accommodate more than 200 additional seats for new personnel.

“Our business mission is to be accessible and dependable. The new facility and operational upgrades have proven worthy investments. Earlier this year, a storm wiped out power across town for three days, and we remained fully functional and delivered uninterrupted service to our patients,” said Chief Commercial Officer Mark Janian. “The new space also allows us to provide the best service more intelligently and more efficiently to our providers, manufacturers and payors and ultimately, deliver better care to patients.”

AllCare’s new corporate headquarters is located at 50 Bearfoot Road in Northborough, Massachusetts.

About AllCare Plus Pharmacy

AllCare Plus Pharmacy is a premier URAC, ACHC and JCAHO accredited specialty pharmacy located in Northborough, Massachusetts, and provides a full range of pharmacy services. The company operates three distinct divisions: specialty pharmacy dispensing, manufacturer patient services programs and health system specialty pharmacy support services & management. AllCare combines caring, personalized service with exceptional clinical knowledge and innovative compliance programs. AllCare makes the treatment of difficult diseases as simple, safe and effective as possible. Learn more at




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