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MD: Aphena Pharma Solutions to Invest $3M to Expand, Retain 100 Employees

17 Jul, 2014

The Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development (DBED), the Talbot County Council and the Town of Easton announced Aphena Pharma Solutions, a pharmaceutical packaging and manufacturing company, is expanding its facility. To assist with the expansion, the State has approved a $134,000 grant on the condition that the company retains a minimum of 100 employees at its Easton facility for five years. The Talbot County Council and Town of Easton have agreed to abolish the Town’s personal property tax for manufacturers, and the Town also approved a $13,400 match to the State’s funding.   

The company began the $3 million expansion in 2013, but began having problems with its water well. As a company doing business in the pharmaceutical industry, Aphena is required by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to begin all chemical processes with potable water. As a potential solution, the company asked the Town of Easton if it could be annexed into the town limits so that it could access the city’s water supply. To help offset the cost of the annexation and water hook up, the Easton Town Council voted to abolish the personal property tax for manufacturers, which would offer a considerable cost savings to Aphena. To assist the Town with the loss of the tax revenue, the Talbot County Council approved a $150,000 grant. A number of other Easton manufacturers, including Salisbury Pewter, Jasco USA and Chesapeake Publishing, will also benefit from the elimination of the personal property tax.

“By working with our partners in Talbot County and the Town of Easton as well the leadership of Aphena Pharma Solutions, we are preserving highly-skilled jobs and ensuring that this company will continue to grow and invest in Maryland,” said Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development Secretary Dominick Murray. “I applaud the County and Town for working with Aphena to develop a creative solution that not only spurs economic development, but helps grow manufacturing in Maryland.”

“Aphena Pharma Solutions is very grateful for the efforts of the Town, County and State in assisting our company with obtaining potable water,” said George Galgano, Vice President of Liquids and Manufacturing for Aphena Pharma Solutions. “Good quality water is an essential component in a pharmaceutical manufacturing environment and without it our business could not continue to operate in its current location. We look forward to our continued success and growth in Easton.”

“Talbot County was pleased to work with the Town of Easton and Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development on this project,” said Corey Pack, President of the Talbot County Council. “Business retention is a priority of this Council and the partnership between Talbot County and the Town of Easton to abolish the personal property tax for manufacturers signifies the commitment of both the County and the Town in supporting our local businesses.”

“To keep this business within the Town Limits of Easton was a real collaborative effort involving the State, Talbot County and the Town of Easton,” said Town of Easton Mayor Robert Willey. “Working with officials from Aphena, we were able to retain the business and jobs while, with the addition of Town utilities, provide for future expansion and job creation.  The stage has been set for the groups to continue to work together to improve the economic development climate in Easton and Talbot county.

Aphena Pharma Solutions is an industry-leading organization providing turnkey contract packaging, repackaging and manufacturing solutions for the pharmaceutical, OTC, dietary supplements, animal health, consumer health and medical device markets. Known as one of the largest employers in Talbot County, Aphena was formed through a combination of well-established, seasoned companies in the Contract Manufacturing and Packaging industry over the course of several years from 2007 through 2012. Each business was acquired by parent company Aphena Pharma Solutions Holdings, Inc. The company currently has five locations registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration across the country.

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