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NJ: Chugai Pharmaceutical Opens a North American Hub in Berkeley Heights

Nov 23, 2015

Chugai Pharma USA Inc. (CPUSA), a wholly owned subsidiary of Chugai Pharmaceutical Co, Ltd. (Chugai), announced the official opening of its new office, dedicated to translational clinical research, located in Berkeley Heights, N.J. The facility serves as the hub for Chugai, the research-based pharmaceutical company headquartered in Tokyo. Chugai initiated activities in the U.S. in 1982; in response to increasing industry competition, CPUSA is now focused on Early Development and, in spring of this year established Chugai's Translational Clinical Research Division (TCRD).

TCRD is Chugai's first global organization composed of functions in Japan, Europe, and the U.S. (CPUSA). TCRD is dedicated to the late preclinical and early clinical development of Chugai-originated pipeline products. It aims to accelerate the proof-of-concept process by bringing translational research-powered medicines to global development stage, and ultimately to market, as efficiently as possible. 

"CPUSA is further evidence of Chugai's commitment to and belief in the potential of translational research to use best-in-class drug discovery techniques in the development of transformative, patient-focused therapies that fulfill unmet needs and improve patients' lives across the world," Osamu Nagayama, chairman and chief executive officer of Chugai.   

In the words of Athos Gianella-Borradori, MD, Chief Medical Officer of CPUSA, "The establishment of CPUSA will enable the company to strongly enhance relationships with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), academia, clinical investigators and patient communities. Our mission is to facilitate Chugai's expanding clinical activity in the U.S. by increasing awareness of Chugai's successful track record in discovering and commercializing innovative pharmaceuticals that bring real value to patients and society."

"New Jersey's standing as a key market for pharmaceutical innovation will aid in the growth of our U.S. talent and operations, which will in turn support and further strengthen our pipeline of novel therapies designed to fulfill unmet needs and improve patients' lives across the world," said Norihisa Onozawa, President and Chief Executive Officer of CPUSA. "Our team is proud to contribute to Chugai's global work by inspiring and guiding its therapeutic development efforts to achieve new heights."

Chugai places strategic priority on advancing treatment in oncology, bone and joint diseases, renal diseases, and autoimmune diseases. A specific focus is placed on bringing innovative therapies to market for conditions where treatment options are limited and patients go underserved. Chugai works in the strategic alliance with Roche, leveraging its resources to pursue cutting-edge biopharmaceutical, antibody, and molecular-targeted research technologies—areas that constitute Chugai's greatest strengths—as well as chemical synthesis technology.

CPUSA completed early stage development of alectinib and GC33 in the U.S. before out-licensing to Roche. CPUSA currently has the following three ongoing development programs, where Chugai is independently pursuing global development of its original products:

  • ·  SA237, anti-IL-6 receptor humanized monoclonal antibody applied with recycling antibody technology (Chugai's proprietary antibody engineering technology) for neuromyelitis optica (Phase III)
  • ·  CIM331, anti-IL-31 receptor humanized monoclonal antibody for atopic dermatitis (Phase II) 
  • ·   PCO371, PTH1 receptor agonist for hypoparathyroidism (Phase I)

About Chugai Pharma USA Inc.
Chugai Pharma USA, Inc. was originally established as the New York branch of Chugai Pharmaceutical in 1982. It was incorporated as an overseas subsidiary in 1986 to reinforce Chugai's business in the US. Following the strategic alliance between Roche and Chugai in 2002, CPUSA has played the essential role in Chugai's global activities by leading clinical development of innovative novel drug candidates created by Chugai.

Additional information is available on the internet at www.chugai-pharm.com.

About Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Chugai Pharmaceutical is one of Japan's leading research-based pharmaceutical companies with strengths in biotechnology products. Chugai, based in Tokyo, specializes in prescription pharmaceuticals and is listed on the 1st section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. As an important member of the Roche Group, Chugai is actively involved in R&D activities in Japan and abroad. Specifically, Chugai is working to develop innovative products which may satisfy the unmet medical needs, mainly focusing on the oncology area. In Japan, Chugai's research facilities in Gotemba and Kamakura are collaborating to develop new pharmaceuticals and laboratories in Ukima are conducting research for technology development for industrial production. Overseas, Chugai Pharmabody Research based in Singapore is engaged in research focusing on the generation of novel antibody drugs by utilizing Chugai's proprietary innovative antibody engineering technologies. Chugai Pharma USA and Chugai Pharma Marketing are engaged in clinical development activities in the United States and Europe. The consolidated revenue in 2014 of Chugai totaled 461.1 billion yen and the operating income was 77.3 billion yen (IFRS Core basis).

Additional information is available on the internet at http://www.chugai-pharm.co.jp/english.

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