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NJ: Invivotek Completes Solar Farm and Facility Expansion

Mar 28, 2017

Invivotek, LLC, a Genesis Biotechnology Group® (GBG) company and leading in vivo pharmacology contract research organization (CRO), announced the completion of the Genesis Solar Farm adjacent to its newly expanded preclinical research facility in Hamilton, New Jersey. The solar farm provides a cleaner, renewable energy source to reduce costs and lessen the CRO facility's impact on the environment. Completion of the Genesis Solar Farm follows Invivotek's recent expansion from a 19,712-square-foot to a 26,453-square-foot facility. The expansion translates to a 100% increase in capacity.

Invivotek joins many other pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide who have made a commitment to invest in solar power. This project advances the efforts of GBG to reduce high energy costs associated with research and improve their environmental profile. "Construction of the solar farm at Invivotek's research facility will not only reduce its carbon footprint, but it's also a good business decision," said Dr. Eli Mordechai, CEO of Genesis Biotechnology Group. "We are committed to good stewardship, not only of our clients' projects, but also of our community and the environment."

The solar system is expected to produce over 1.2 million kilowatt hours per year. The savings to Invivotek will be in excess of $230,000 per year (enough to power 127 households for one year) and will provide over 60% of Invivotek's energy needs.

About GBG
GBG is a consortium of vertically integrated corporate research entities, which facilitates the overall market implementation and delivery of biomedical science products and services related to diagnostics and drug discovery. Through the consolidation of research activities, and the collaboration of diverse groups of scientists with expertise in molecular biology, genetics, high throughput screening (HTS), pharmacology, molecular modeling, and medicinal chemistry, GBG is well-positioned to create and sustain complex research platforms in drug discovery and the design of surrogate biomarkers for chronic diseases.

About Invivotek
Invivotek offers both custom and standard preclinical services for drug discovery and development programs for their clients. Services offered by Invivotek include studies involving animal models and bioassays to test compounds related to immunology and inflammation, oncology, metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. Invivotek's in vivo testing capabilities are supported by biochemical and molecular biology techniques, as well as by functional assays with primary cell cultures. These assays provide tools to study the mechanisms of drug action and to explore biomarkers for drug efficacy. Invivotek offers over a hundred assays and models across multiple therapeutic areas, with a special focus on advanced models including metastatic cancer, immuno-oncology, autoimmune and metabolic diseases. Invivotek's experience across multiple therapeutic areas and its efficient project management, positions the company as a leading provider of preclinical in vivo services.

To find out more, please visit www.genesisbiotechgroup.com or www.invivotek.com.

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