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OH: Two Companies Commit to Nearly 700 New Jobs in the Cincinnati Region

Oct 31, 2016

The Greater Cincinnati job market is getting a boost from two regional companies expected to create nearly 700 new jobs. REDI Cincinnati, the region’s leading economic development initiative announced Custom Pro Logistics, LLC and Medpace, Inc. received approval from the Ohio Tax Credit Authority board.

“We’re excited to see the diverse range of companies growing in Greater Cincinnati,” said Kimm Coyner, vice president, business development and projects, for REDI Cincinnati. “It truly demonstrates the variety of industries our local economy supports.”

The approved projects include:

·         Custom Pro Logistics, LLC: A third-party logistics broker that emphasizes customer service. The company is adding office space to accommodate its growth.

·         Medpace, Inc.: A clinical research organization and drug and medical device development service that is critical to advancing global clinical trials. Medpace anticipates significant growth in the next five years and is evaluating its current footprint.

2016 REDI Cincinnati YTD Project Commitment Metrics*

2,753 Total New Jobs Created; 6,203 Total Retained Jobs and $174.94M Capital Investment

October 2016

·         Custom Pro Logistics, LLC – New Jobs: 40; Retained Jobs: 7; Capital Investment: $850,000

·         Medpace, Inc. – New Jobs: 650; Retained Jobs: 1,156; Capital Investment: $7,000,000

August 2016

·         MTK, Inc. – New Jobs: 35; Retained Jobs: 95; Capital Investment: $9,250,000
July 2016

·         Mountjoy Chilton Medley LLP – New Jobs: 64; Retained Jobs: 28; Capital Investment: $550,000

June 2016 projects

·         Batterii, LLC – New Jobs: 36; Retained Jobs: 22; Capital Investment: $2,773,545

·         Integrity Express Logistics, LLC – New Jobs: 116; Retained Jobs: 125; Capital Investment: $14,098,000

·         Phillips Edison & Company Ltd. – New Jobs: 65; Retained Jobs: 181; Capital Investment: $200,000

·         TP Mechanical Contractors, Inc. – New Jobs: 100; Retained Jobs: 232; Capital Investment: $150,000

May 2016 projects

·         Advanced Testing Laboratory, Inc. – New Jobs: 54; Retained Jobs: 84; Capital Investment: $6,500,000

·         Ultimus Fund Solutions, LLC – New Jobs: 100; Retained Jobs: 140; Capital Investment $100,000

April 2016 projects

·         EBTH.COM LLC – New Jobs: 275, Retained Jobs: 97; Total Capital Investment: $1,000,000

·         Rotex Global LLC – New Jobs: 20; Retained Jobs: 165; Total Capital Investment: $400,000

March 2016 projects

·         Club Chef LLC – New Jobs: 355; Retained Jobs: 5; Total Capital Investment: $1,750,000

·         MadTree Brewing, LLC – New Jobs: 23; Retained Jobs: 31; Capital Investment: $17,995,000

·         MANE, Inc. – New Jobs: 100; Retained Jobs: 435; Total Capital Investment: $34,000,000

·         Pacific Manufacturing Ohio, Inc. – New Jobs: 62; Retained Jobs: 540; Total Capital Investment: $50,100,000

·         StandardAero Component Services, Inc. – New Jobs: 120; Retained Jobs: 465; Total Capital Investment: $10,500,000

February 2016 projects

·         Blue & Co., LLC – New Jobs: 20; Retained Jobs: 19; Total Capital Investment: $0

·         Brothers Trading Co., Inc. – New Jobs: 50; Retained Jobs: 225; Total Capital Investment: $11,000,000

·         Macy’s Credit and Customer Services (including FDS Bank) – New Jobs: 175; Retained Jobs: 1,559; Total Capital Investment: $0

·         Health Carousel, LLC – New Jobs: 85; Retained Jobs: 64; Total Capital Investment: $435,000

·         PatientPoint Network Solutions, LLC – New Jobs: 22; Retained Jobs: 112; Total Capital Investment: $100,000

January 2016 projects

·         Quotient Technology Inc. – New Jobs: 100; Retained Jobs: 47; Total Capital Investment: $1,500,000

·         Planes Moving & Storage Inc. – New Jobs: 30; Retained Jobs: 229; Total Capital Investment: $3,000,000

·         Reztark Design Studio, LLC – New Jobs: 16; Retained Jobs: 28; Total Capital Investment: $250,000

*Represents company commitment at time of announcement

About REDI Cincinnati
The Regional Economic Development Initiative (REDI) Cincinnati leads the economic development effort in the three-state, 15-county region at the intersection of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. The organization was formed in 2014 as a means to improve the region’s ability to successfully retain, grow and attract companies. REDI serves as a single point-of-contact for target companies, makes greater use of the local business community in the recruiting process and focuses on economic development efforts. For more information, please visit redicincinnati.com.

About JobsOhio
JobsOhio is a private, non-profit corporation designed to drive job creation and new capital investment in Ohio through business attraction, retention, and expansion efforts. As part of this statewide effort, JobsOhio works closely with its regional economic development partners, known collectively as the JobsOhio Network. With deep ties to local business communities, the six-region Network provides the necessary connectivity to achieve a One Firm, One State approach to selling Ohio. Learn more at jobs-ohio.com.


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