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IA: Baker's Pride Inc. Expands with New Commercial High-Tech Facility in Iowa

Jun 12, 2012

Baker's Pride, Inc., a commercial bakery and manufacturer of private label and proprietary baked products, today announced expanded doughnut production capabilities and products through a new, high-tech doughnut facility at the Mt. Pleasant Street Bakery, a Baker's Pride company. The facility located in Burlington, Iowa is anticipated to begin actual production later this year.

When completed, the 65,000 square foot facility will produce both frozen ready-to-finish and ready-to-sell doughnuts. Moreover, the new facility will expand the firm's doughnut product portfolio to include, for the first time, filled and yeast raised doughnuts. Specifically, yeast raised rings, varieties of filled doughnuts, as well as an expanded menu of cake style doughnuts.

Select doughnut items will be on display at Booth # 1551 at the International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association's (IDDBA) 2012 Seminar and Expo in New Orleans on June 10-12.

"We are pleased to soon offer a wider range of high-quality doughnut products to our In-Store bakery and private label customers," said Rob Brookhart, President of Baker's Pride, Inc. "When completed, the Mt. Pleasant Street facility in Burlington, Iowa will utilize the latest baking technology, create jobs within our community and produce delicious products for our In-Store bakery customers nationwide."

About Baker's Pride, Inc.
Baker's Pride, Inc., an Amincor company, is a commercial bakery manufacturer for the private label and branded needs of supermarket chains and the food service market. Products include sliced, packaged bread, cake style doughnuts, gluten-free and traditional pail dough, baked cookies and brownie cakes.
Headquartered in Burlington, Iowa, the firm has three entities: South Street Bakery, Inc.; Jefferson Street Bakery, Inc.; and the Mt. Pleasant Street Bakery, Inc.
Their newest entity, South Street Bakery, Inc., produces a full range of cookie products including traditional baked cookies and packaged cookie dough, gluten-free cookie dough and several varieties of brownies including BROWNIE CAKES(TM).

For thirty-five years, the Jefferson Street Bakery, Inc. facility has provided fresh sliced, packaged bread and cake style donuts to private label customers.
To learn more about Baker's Pride, Inc., visit www.bakersprideco.com .

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