ID: Startup Co., Divina Water, Opens 12,000-Sq-Ft Idaho Falls Facility | Trade and Industry Development

ID: Startup Co., Divina Water, Opens 12,000-Sq-Ft Idaho Falls Facility

Sep 22, 2017

Divina Water celebrated the grand opening of their Idaho Falls bottled water company. The startup company, known for pioneering a new patented distillation technology, welcomed business leaders to tour their expanded 12,000 square foot facility in Idaho Falls.  They were recognized internationally last year after just six months in business, winning a silver medal in the Berkley Springs International Water Tasting competition.

“We are excited to welcome the community to see our developing operations as we prepare for a momentous 2018,” said Divinia co-founder Crosby Sedlmayr.  “Since April, we have needed to multiply output, streamline production and hire additional employees to meet market demand.  We have a secured platform for online sales and physical space for Divinia in local stores.  This expansion is needed to support our anticipated growth in 2018,” he said.

Divinia’s innovative, patented process makes it the only water on the market scientifically proven cellular/”EZ” water, the same water found in living cells. “We like to call Divinia renatured water, or water that is restored to an original condition,” Sedlmayr said.

“In just two years, this family owned and operated bottled water company has seen strong growth of their pure water and eco-friendly operations,” said Jan Rogers, CEO for Regional Economic Development for Eastern Idaho (REDI).  “We are excited to celebrate their grand opening with them and look forward to watching their regional, national and international expansion efforts,” she said.

 Divinia is sold online and sold at stores in Idaho Falls and Jackson Hole with additional locations in Los Angeles, Canada and the United Kingdom expected.

Divinia Water, founded in 2015 in Idaho Falls, is bottled following their patented purifying technique that allows delicate removal of the effects of man from water, resulting in balanced deuterium depleted cellular EZ water.  This eco-friendly approach brings water back to its original, unadulterated form.  Divinia is bottled in recyclable 16 ounce glass bottles and purifies water with as little waste as possible.

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