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NJ: Nestlé Health Science to Invest $70M, Open Bridgewater Tech Center

Oct 14, 2015

Nestlé Health Science is investing USD 70 million to create a Nestlé Product Technology Center (NPTC) at the New Jersey Center of Excellence in Bridgewater, New Jersey (USA). The Center will be dedicated to developing innovative nutritional solutions and will open in 2016.

Nestlé Health Science, established four years ago, focuses on deepening the role of nutrition in healthcare, an area that is rich in innovation potential as we learn more about the roles of nutrients in addressing health needs.

The NPTC in Bridgewater will benefit from and contribute to the global R&D network of parent company, Nestlé S.A, the world’s leading nutrition, health and wellness company. It will focus on applied research and innovative product development, sensory perception, engineering and provide technological know-how in packaging.

The activities and teams of the company’s R&D Center in Minneapolis will relocate to the new NPTC, as will the U.S. headquarter functions of Nestlé Health Science, currently based in Florham Park, NJ. The new facility will reinforce Nestlé Health Science’s presence in the Northeast, where its Novel Therapeutic Nutrition business will also open offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA).

Nestlé Health Science CEO Greg Behar said, “This investment reflects our commitment to leading the development of innovative nutritional therapies that change the course of health for people and patients in the U.S. and globally. The new facility will house the latest technologies and people in the field, uniting our R&D and business teams in a region with strong life-science activity; it will enhance and accelerate the quality and speed to market of Nestlé Health Science’s innovations that improve nutritional status and health outcomes.”

Stefan Catsicas, Chief Technology Officer, Head of Innovation, Technology & Research and Development, Nestlé, stated: “The field of nutritional therapy is vibrant with scientific and clinical advances, and this new facility will be dedicated to Nestlé Health Science’s quest to advance the therapeutic role of nutrition, a central part of Nestlé’s wider commitment to Nutrition, Health and Wellness.”

About Nestlé R&D

The Bridgewater facility will be one of more than 30 Nestlé Product Technology Centers around the world, which have become key success factors in the continued growth and development of Nestlé as the world’s largest nutrition health and wellness company, with sales approaching $100 billion per year. These Centers provide a wide range of product-specific R&D, science and technical expertise; the Bridgewater Center will deliver applied research, specialized technology, nutrition translation and innovative product development supporting Nestlé Health Science’s three main business areas: Consumer Care, Medical Nutrition and Novel Therapeutic Nutrition.


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