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OR: Pazoo, Inc. Signs Lease for New Portland Lab Facility

7 Aug, 2015

Pazoo, Inc. is pleased to announce the company has signed a lease to secure a location for its Oregon testing lab facility.

Pazoo's Harris Lee management is very excited to have signed this lease and commenced meetings with the architect selected to begin the build out of the facility as soon as possible. Additionally, the Pazoo management team has also narrowed down several target states as strategic added locations for Harris Lee's next expansion phase.

Pazoo's management feels it is extremely important to move swiftly with this location since Measure 91 took effect last month in July.  Measure 91 legalized recreational marijuana for people ages 21 and older, allowing adults over this age to possess up to eight ounces of "dried" marijuana and up to four plants. Additionally, the measure tasked the Oregon Liquor Control Commission with regulating sales of the drug.  This measure will make the demand for testing even greater.

Pazoo CEO David Cunic commented, "We are very happy about securing a space in Portland and beginning the build-out of the facility.  Our timing is impeccable as Governor Kate Brown has just signed into law that medical marijuana dispensaries may begin to sell marijuana for recreational use as early as October 1st of this year.  Additionally, we have relationships with numerous growers in other states that we are in talks with who have additional operations in Oregon.  These growers are looking for the same high quality testing that we will also be providing to them in other states as we continue to expand throughout the United States. The Oregon facility will help us solidify our footprint and exposure in the region. We are poised to begin generating revenue from our marijuana testing operations before the end of the year.  Testing in Nevada (through MA & Associates, LLC), Oregon (through Harris Lee Holdings, LLC) and Colorado (through our recent partnership with Harris Lee Colorado, LLC) are all expected to begin to be revenue sources for the company in the 4th quarter of this year which is right around the corner.  These are truly exciting times for us."