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PA: Bell & Evans to Expand in Lebanon County, Create 380 New Jobs

7 Feb, 2014

Governor Tom Corbett announced that the commonwealth has partnered with Bell & Evans, a poultry processing and packaging company, to support its expansion of operations in Bethel Township, Lebanon County, creating 380 full-time jobs.

“Bell & Evans has called Pennsylvania home for many years, and our partnership will support this latest expansion to create 380 new jobs and open the door for future growth,” Corbett said. “It’s another success story in Pennsylvania’s strong agricultural history and heritage.”

Bell and Evans has purchased a 19.6 acre parcel of land in Bethel Township to construct a new 158,000-square-foot poultry processing and packaging plant. The company plans to invest more than $44 million in construction, new equipment and employee training. Bell & Evans has also committed to creating at least 380 new jobs within three years.

“Pennsylvania is a leader in agriculture and quality agriculture products and the support we receive from Governor Corbett is second to none,” said Scott L. Sechler Sr., Bell & Evans Chairman and President. “Our company has been here for generations and we’re very proud to be a Pennsylvania company, producing great products that we market in all 50 states.”

The company received a funding proposal from the Department of Community and Economic Development including a 171,000 Guaranteed Free Training grant to be used to train its new workforce. Additional funding includes a $750,000 Pennsylvania First Program grant that facilitates investment and job creation and $760,000 in Job Creation Tax Credits. A $400,000 PennDot Transportation Infrastructure Investment grant was also included.

Bell & Evans has been encouraged to apply for a low-interest loan including $3 million from the Machinery and Equipment Loan Fund (MELF). The company has accepted the funding proposal, but must still apply for each loan and grant and agree to the terms prior to award receipt.

The project was coordinated by the Governor’s Action Team, an experienced group of economic development professionals who report directly to the Governor and work with businesses that are considering locating or expanding in Pennsylvania.

Bell & Evans is a leading producer of chickens raised without antibiotics and is the brand name for the company’s poultry product line. It is headquartered in Fredericksburg, Lebanon County where it employs approximately 1,145 people full time in its processing plant.

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