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SC: Limehouse Produce to Invest 8.3M to Expand, Hire 40 at Lowcountry Ops

19 Jan, 2016

Limehouse Produce Company, a local company which has been providing farmed produce and unique products to Charleston area restaurants, schools and hospitals for more than seven decades, is expanding its Lowcountry operations.The company is investing $8.3 million in the project, which is expected to create 40 new jobs over the next five years.

Established in 1945, Limehouse Produce offers a full line of the highest-quality produce including conventional row crops, local specialties, fresh herbs and dairy.  The company sources its quality produce from more than 70 farmers across the country and shippers worldwide.

In an effort to meet increased customer demand in one of the nation's fastest-growing metro regions, Limehouse Produce has purchased a 14.9-acre tract at 2650 Carner Avenue and will renovate the property's existing 128,000-square-foot structure. Additionally, Limehouse Produce will construct a new 43,000-square-foot facility on the property to house future warehouse operations, as well as the company's headquarters. Limehouse Produce has hired local companies to construct the project, which is expected to be completed in early 2017.

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"Limehouse Produce is proud to have accompanied Charleston, and particularly the local restaurants, in the extraordinary success of our beautiful city. We are very excited about the development of this property and believe it will not only position us to serve our customer base better, but will also be an asset to our new neighborhood." -Limehouse Produce Vice President Andrea Limehouse

"Limehouse Produce is another fantastic example of a company that continues to show its commitment to South Carolina and our people, and has grown and thrived here because of it. This $8.3 million investment and the 40 new jobs it will create is a reason to celebrate, not only for the company, but for the entire state." -Gov. Nikki Haley

"Limehouse Produce is not only a leader in the agribusiness and food distribution industries but also a respected name in South Carolina's overall business community. Today, I'm thrilled to congratulate this Lowcountry company on their continued success in the Palmetto State." - Secretary of Commerce Bobby Hitt

"Limehouse Produce is another outstanding example of how important agribusiness is to South Carolina's economy. Businesses like this support local farmers and increase market access for Certified S.C. grown fruits and vegetables." -S.C. Department of Agriculture Commissioner Hugh Weathers

"Our congratulations go out to Limehouse Produce on their expansion in Charleston County. This legacy company transcends generations, and over the years Charlestonians have always looked to the Limehouse family for the vegetables on our dinner table. Limehouse Produce can take great pride as they carry on their long-standing 'buy local' tradition, and we at Charleston County look forward to supporting them at the expanded facility for many years to come." -Charleston County Council Chairman J. Elliott Summey

"Limehouse Produce is a great example of a homegrown, legacy business that continues to invest in the region by not only expanding operations allowing them to provide more jobs, but also by hiring local architects, contractors, builders as well as purchasing from South Carolina farmers and supporting local nonprofit organizations. Limehouse Produce keeps their investment and profits local, creating a significant impact on our economy."  -Lowcountry Local First Executive Director Jamee Haley


·         Limehouse Produce Company is expanding its operations in Charleston County.

·         $8.3 million investment creating 40 new jobs.

·         Established in 1945, Limehouse Produce sources its quality produce from more than 70 farmers across the country.

·         To expand its footprint, the company has purchased a 14.9-acre tract at 2650 Carner Avenue.

·         In addition to renovating an existing 128,000-square-foot structure, Limehouse Produce will construct a new 43,000-square-foot facility to house future warehouse operations, as well as the company's headquarters.

About Limehouse Produce Company
A major community benefactor over the years, Limehouse Produce Company has been providing farmed produce and products to the Charleston area for over 70 years. Listening and responding to their hundreds of customers' needs, they also find the best products around the world for chefs to showcase on their menus. Regardless of season, Limehouse Produce can source fresh, quality produce from one of their 70+ "local" farmers around the country. To learn more about Limehouse Produce, visit or call 843-566-3400.





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