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TX: Pinnacle Midstream Commissions Truck Transloading Facility

Mar 28, 2017

Pinnacle Midstream, LLC  announces the commissioning and startup of its Sierra Grande CDP truck transloading facilities, located approximately 9 miles West of Orla, Texas, on RM 652. 

"We are very excited to begin operations of our crude transloading facilities, as well as flowing crude and gas through our gathering systems. Having the ability to provide a wide range of services within the region ranging from crude gathering, truck offloading, gas gathering, and gas processing will be very beneficial to producers in the area," said Greg Sargent – CEO of Pinnacle.

The new transloading facility currently includes truck offloading racks, with the ability to receive crude oil. It was designed with the capability to rapidly expand, to accommodate the needs of their customers.   

Crude oil received at the Pinnacle Midstream CDP is redelivered into the Plains Avalon Extension Pipeline with access to multiple crude oil markets. 

In addition to trucked volumes, the Pinnacle Midstream CDP facility also receives crude oil through its expansive crude gathering system located in Reeves and Culberson counties. 

Pinnacle also owns and operates a low-pressure gas gathering system and a gas processing facility in the same area.

About Pinnacle Midstream

Pinnacle Midstream provides gas gathering and processing, crude gathering and transloading services, and SWD gathering and disposal services. 

Pinnacle Midstream is based in Houston, Texas, with an additional office in Midland, Texas.  Pinnacle Midstream was formed in partnership with BP Energy Partners in Dallas, Texas. 

About BP Energy Partners

BP Energy Partners, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, makes control investments in the energy sector by partnering with experienced and proven management teams.  In addition to providing financing, BP Energy Partners contributes strategic and industry expertise in support of its portfolio companies and partners.

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