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TexAmericas Center Offers New Third Party Logistics Services

Oct 19, 2020
TexAmericas Center (TAC) recently announced details of its new third party logistics (3PL) services to assist companies with inventory management, warehousing, and fulfillment needs. To support its 3PL services, TAC hired logistics/operations expert John Sesler as its Vice President of Logistics. Working with Sesler, tenants can offload these specialized tasks to TAC, enhance their logistics workflows, and focus on other issues critical to business growth.
In 2019, the global 3PL market was valued at $1 billion and is projected to reach $1.7 billion by 2027, according to Allied Market Research. Additionally, COVID-19 has enhanced the demand for more robust and responsive logistics with more consumers and businesses wanting just-in-time delivery of products shipped directly to front doors. Companies who have been able to respond to this demand with streamlined inventory management and fulfillment have earned more business and enhanced profitability simultaneously.
“Third party logistics is one of the biggest game changers for companies who see their growth stunted by the operational challenges often associated with warehousing needs and fulfillment strategies,” said Scott Norton, TexAmericas Center Executive Director/CEO. “The expertise provided by TAC’s 3PL services helps tenants quickly realize operational efficiencies and cost savings, opening up doors for continued growth.”
Central to the success of TAC’s 3PL services is the appointment of Sesler to the key role in providing that assistance to companies. Sesler has 35 years of experience in logistics program responsibilities for large international organizations as well as small businesses looking to accelerate their growth. He has worked with manufacturing leaders and governmental organizations to improve both bottom and topline performance.
Prior to TAC, Sesler spent 15 years as the General Manager of Logistics Operations for WWWilliams Logistics, Inc. where he was responsible for nationwide logistics operations. Previously, Sesler was an Operations Manager for Walsh Distribution and the Corporate Distribution Manager for Aalf’s Manufacturing Inc. 
“John is absolutely the right person to lead efforts to help our tenants accomplish more with the tools and infrastructure available at TAC to impact their business,” said Norton. “His three decades of experience, combined with our flexible approach to 3PL, makes TexAmericas Center a leading source for growing regional companies and national companies looking to relocate or enhance operations with an additional distribution site.”
TAC’s 3PL services are designed to provide benefits to companies of all sizes. For small businesses, accessing Sesler’s expertise saves time and money and prevents some of the growing pains associated with adopting new or enhancing existing logistics operations. For larger companies, TAC’s 3PL services provide quick turnaround for larger-scale operations, more quickly delivering value and impacting revenue.
“The benefit of working with TexAmericas Center centers around our flexibility and adaptability to meet unique business needs,” said Sesler. “We help manage upfront investment, apply best practices to operations, and connect all the dots necessary to help them take that next step in their growth.”
TexAmericas Center is a growing catalyst of economic investment in the Texarkana region. Since May 2014, TexAmericas Center has increased its total leased square footage by more than 85 percent to more than 1 million square feet. Its 12,000 acres and 3 million square feet of space is fully entitled, providing potential tenants of specialized industries options that would be difficult or cost-prohibitive to secure in other regions. Its location in the Texarkana metropolitan area offers an attractive pipeline of talent and a logistics network to rival many larger – and therefore more expensive – urban hubs. Additionally, TexAmericas Center offers a complement of unique assets like utilities, rail, fiber, and a transload provider.
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